In the middle to late s it began increasing its manufacturing capacity, with plants in California and new plants in Taiwan in and in Cork, Ireland, in Its easy to find out what you have programmed, and you can also Load and Save configuration files. Logitech pioneered another new iteration of the mouse in , introducing the Cordless MouseMan Optical, the first cordless optical mouse. Engelbart, a new computer input device made its debut in at the Stanford Research Institute. Recently Logitech introduced their first digital joystick. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Intrigue produced advanced remote control devices for entertainment products such as televisions, DVD players, and the like.

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ActLabs Eaglemax Act Labs is a recent arrival in gaming peripherals, and like others in this area they also make console products. In the company produced its first non-mouse peripheral, a handheld scanner. The software is accessed from the Control Panel in Win While PCs are being used more and more as the digital hub to access information and communicate, other platforms such as game consoles and cell phones are also becoming a rich resource for people to access information, communicate and enjoy an expanding offering of interactive games.

Over the next few years, the company developed more than 15 more peripherals for consoles, two of the most popular being cordless controllers for the PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, both introduced in The company faced a similar situation in the digital camera market. The partners hoped to bring the same sense of entrepreneurship that they had found in California to the European computer industry. Logitech also would find a new boost as an OEM. This product, however, proved to be a bit ahead of its time.


This two-way switch can also be programmed, and I used tried it for zoom in and out on the MFD in Comanche 3, but you could use it for radar range or HUD brightness or anything else you like.

At the same time, Logitech was developing products based on the new Bluetooth wireless technology.

The first commercial presentation of the mouse also would present the first “windows”-type graphical user interface, which, controlled by the mouse, would enable the computer to become accessible for individual and home use, and not the private domain of highly trained programmers. In addition to the QuickCam purchase–which, by lateresulted in three new Logitech-signed QuickCam products–Logitech purchased a 10 percent interest in Immersion Corporation, pioneer of “force feedback” technologies, designed to enhance user interactivity with games, Internet, and other computer applications.

You can also use an existing control set. Product distribution reaches more than nations worldwide, with Europe generating 47 percent of net sales; North America, 37 percent; and the Asia-Pacific region, 16 percent. By the fiscal year ending in MarchLogitech had enjoyed a remarkable string of success during a down period for the personal computer industry.

The company would acquire full ownership of Gazelle ingiving Logitech control of Gazelle’s innovative trackball technology, which soon would become an important feature of the growing portable computer market. In the middle to late s it began increasing its manufacturing capacity, with plants in California and new plants in Taiwan in and in Cork, Ireland, in As Zappacosta told Fortune: Furthermore, logltech there is SOME tension on the throttle control, it could be a bit tighter, logutech likewise with the elevator trim control.

WTB: Philips CD-i wired gamepad (Gravis or Logitech?) – Wanted – AtariAge Forums

Some time ago the Firebird and Thunderbird replaced the Phoenix, which is no longer in production. Continuing to travis new niches within the human-machine interface sector, Logitech bought Intrigue Technologies, Inc.


In that same year Logitech made another significant acquisition, buying up 50 percent of Gazelle Graphics Systems, of California. One of the most important inventions for “personalizing” computers was that of the computer mouse.

WTB: Philips CD-i wired gamepad (Gravis or Logitech?)

Explosive demand for Internet video cameras or webcams helped reestablish Logitech as a computer industry growth stock. By default the elevator trim control is disabled, grravis you must access the control menu to change this. It offers an analog throttle control, elevator trim control, a nice handle with four buttons including the trigger and a four-way hat switch, and nine other programmable buttons. Logitech later, inacquired a 49 percent equity stake in Space Control.

It worked fine with all these, and I had no difficulty using my CH rudder pedals at the same time. By accelerating organic growth through aggressive new product development initiatives, seeking additional medium-sized acquisitions similar to travis of Intrigue, and increasing manufacturing capacity, Logitech aimed to triple its revenues by around Programmable sticks are definitely a step up from the rest.

They seemed to be logiteech our intelligence.

Best Gravis Video Game Controllers | eBay

The company closed its U. But it is exposed, and if you ever hooked it with a sharp object gravie a Japanese ceremonial sword it would likely be damaged! Worse for Logitech, the market clearly shifted away from the sheetfed design to the flatbed design.

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