Transferring Internet settings Transferring Internet settings You can use different methods to transfer your Internet account from your old Customizing Your Computer Adjusting the screen resolution You can increase the screen resolution to fit more icons on You can organize your music tracks Protecting your computer from viruses To scan for viruses: Important If the drive you Select an object Position the pointer over the object. Using Multimedia 7 Click Start Recording.

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Getting Started Status indicators Status indicators inform you when a drive is being used or when a button Sending and Receiving Faxes 10 Enter the transmitting fax identifier information.


As soon as you see a startup Using Multimedia To play an audio recording in Sound Recorder: Working with documents Opening a document To view, revise, or print an existing document, first you need to open Using Multimedia 6 This chapter provides information on using the multimedia capabilities of your notebook.

Restoring Software 3 In the Open text box, type d: Using Multimedia To create rip MP3 files: This identifier information is required by law The most common types are inkjet Using the Gateway Port Replicator Important The notebook may detect additional devices and add drivers after being P release latch Pad Lock separating notebook indicator 27, 30 using 16, system key 30 ports parallel Upgrading Your Notebook Before working with computer components, follow these guidelines: Windows Basics To create a folder: Installing your old printer or scanner Installing a parallel port printer You can usually install parallel port printers by Maintaining Your Computer To clean your trackball mouse: Contents 1 Checking Out Your Gateway Using the desktop Using the desktop The desktop contains the taskbar, the Start button, and the Recycle Bin icon Upgrading Your Notebook 10 Gently push the module down until it clicks in place.


Using MusicMatch 3 Click the record button.

Managing hard drive space Backing up files Backing up files and removing them from the hard drive frees space Getting Started 2 This chapter provides basic information about your Gateway notebook. Getting Started Waking up your notebook When you have not used your notebook for several minutes, it may Changing batteries Changing batteries If your notebook is plugged into an AC outlet or if it has a charged The Control Panel window The Power Options Properties dialog box opens Restarting rebooting your notebook Restarting rebooting your notebook If your notebook does not respond to keyboard or touchpad input, Using the keyboard Press and hold FN To Changing batteries 9 Turn your notebook over.

Networking Your Computer 11 Connecting your home, small office, or home office computers lets you share drives, printers, and a Upgrading Your Notebook 15 This chapter provides information about adding hardware devices to your notebook. Connecting to the port replicator Connecting to the port replicator You can attach your notebook to the port replicator Help and For more information about keeping the hard Travel Tips www.


Using Multimedia www. Working with files and folders Deleting files and folders When you throw away paper files and folders, you take Adjusting the screen and desktop settings Selecting a screen saver You can use a screen saver to keep others

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