There are users who will attest that the drivers work, and that Markus provides good support for them. Both upstream and the 4 duplicated drivers have similar functionality. I don’t want to own the em28xx driver, I would like to maintain it since I did that for 3 years already, accepting useful patches giving reviews etc. It takes very little time to conduct a childish flamewar. Just one, I have to write that Michael Krufky was also involved into why it turned bad. It’s same as with Reiser4 Posted Nov 12, 9:

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EM28xx cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

The sad story of the em28xx ej28xx Posted Nov 12, 0: I am sure the other people involved have their own recollections which may differ from your’s and memory fades, anyway. It also eventually lead to some nice code cleanups. That’s all water under the bridge. So let’s start and add it here: And in most cases newer drivers support more hardware, not less.

How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/media/video/em28xx

It’s same as with Reiser4 Posted Nov 12, 9: The whole driver started at the end ofI started to reverse engineer the protocol and worked on it with Luca Risolia hope I got the name right.

But, as things stand now, it would appear that this driver is not headed for the mainline. Just one, I have to write that Michael Krufky was also involved into why it turned bad.

Also quite a few bugs linjx been fixed in the kernelframework eg tuner-core it cost alot time all together and the work didn’t get valued at all. Well, Marcus’ userspace stuff was rejected, due to a duplicating existing code in a way that’d make life difficult for developers ej28xx b the only real “benefit” being the ability to have closed-source blobs in drivers.


The e and ee drivers had overlapping coverage for some time. Only then would I be in favor of merging the empia driver. In the end, some of the developers decided to just improve the version of the driver currently in-kernel rather than continuing to deal with Markus.

What we have here is a classic story of an impedance mismatch between a developer and the development community. The sad story of the em28xx driver.

Em28xx devices – LinuxTVWiki

This will be my last comment about everything unless someone starts to think clear about the whole situation. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 20, So at that point there was already a large codebase depending on it, and a merge request has been sent.

The reason for the big patch has always been that the code had to be rebased because the maintainer basically didn’t care about anything there. I agree with Jonathan that many things finally went that way BUT there’s some kind of reason for it. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 12, 6: I got around i2c-dev which allows the access of those shared components in userland, the only outstanding gap in order to remain compatible with existing tv apps was to add a small wrapper to linhx the controls to userspace sick isn’t it?

In particular, users of the code — people with a material linuux in it — maintain it. Of course, losing “authority” over code is inherent in releasing that code under a license like the GPL.

In response to this rejection, Markus claimed ownership of the em28xx driver and asked that it be removed from the mainline kernel.


At that time there was no single binary driver available from my side anyway, everything has always been opensource this also has to be considered. Markus was one of the authors of the original em28xx driver, first merged for the 2.

Linhx changes were not popular in the Video4Linux community, and there were fears that they could break unrelated drivers. Back then Greg Kroah pointed out that binary drivers could use that interface, it was accepted because he basically didn’t clash with another developer. Another point here could be what is a kernelspace driver worth which requires firmware and doesn’t come with firmware. He then continued development of the code, hosting it on his own server.

The primary benefit from subscribing to LWN is helping to keep us publishing, but, beyond that, subscribers get immediate access to all site content and access to a number of extra site features. After few years he started to close bugs and feature requests with “use reiser4” effectively abandoning users and stopped reiserfs support when something went wring he em28zx out that the same thing worked perfectly with previous version of kernel and basically refused to debug and fix problems thus abandoning developers.

The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 24, Can’t a higher-up maintainer intervene?

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