And in blue are drives that are known to be region-coded single region. You can now also find this page at www. John Johnson provided a patched version of the Samsung flash utility. About the guys who copied my site, i prefer now ignore them Patch are available for firmware 0. No news from Fekete since a week?!?! I have inserted the correct one now.

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This firmware is RPC This scheme basically divided our small planet into six regions.

Please let me know if it works. You can load the utility here 5 changes allowed!!

For more information on this, visit the Firmware information page. Pioneer seems to have protected them. Ported by whacker with the XVI help.

Other Companies DVS DSR-600H Free Driver Download

The best solution is to wait for a patched firmware. Patch by Sjwinck – This one is untested!! The final version should be available in the very next days!! Fekete istvan 060h a patched RPC-1 firmware 1. Skip to main content.


A new beta version of Region code eraser 2. Please let me know.

Start of add to list layer. These new firmware must be installed before using the new Panasonic Windows drivers. It’s a utility which analyses and displays the dwr important informations about a drive, disc, configuration and software.

Program sources are also include. Sorry PC users, you will have to wait or use a Mac: A new version 1.

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September manufacture date. Updated the CD firmware page. Probably all those people I saw asking for drivers just didn’t know what they were doing, but, I should check first obviously. The utility actually support the GD drs GD models with all firmware versions. If you do not read french, you can translate the article with Babelfish. When DVD manufacturers will see hacked firmware everywhere, they will probably ask them if RPC1 was not better afterall.

They are actually untested and we are waiting for your results. You can find the file on the utilities page. February drives have 1. H owever, not all regions were created equal. Jul 7, 3.


Someone reported me a zone locked Toshiba SD-M with a firmware Bump I haven’t had ANY problems with the optical drives at all. Hijacker the great firmware page forum administrator opened the Toshiba firmware page.

The interface is an IDE 40 pin female. The new firmware 1.

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