So 50i will look a great deal smoother for shots that have movement in them – and this includes camera movement as well as subject movement. With a 26x optical zoom provided by a powered Canon telephoto lens, the VC-C50i communication camera produces extremely close-up images. So all my filming is done at either or , with a frame rate of 25p. As I said – test test and test. The only things I shoot in interlace are the air shows I shoot for an external client.

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Yes Claire – I’m delighted with the camera.

What is better 25p or 50i at

May 7th, I shoot at that all 50 time even when my output is interlaced for broadcast because shooting in 50i halves the vertical resolution when an NLE sees the flag in the metadata, so i juSt shoot 25 progressive and work from there. May 4th, When should I really think about using 25P, if I’m going to a bike race day out is 25P or 50i 5i for this? I know many are realising that as resolution and frame rates are increased it becomes harder to keep the audience engaged.

And, although the camera can be connected to a host PC or camera server, an Infrared remote control handset is supplied, allowing the operator to control the PTZ functions locally. I watched the trailer for Philip Johnson’s new C primer and was struck by a statement he made advising against recording in progressive mode.


August 18th, VideoGuys Mineola, NY. I have not thought about this.

canon C 50i vs pf25 – EOSHD – EOSHD Forum

I will soon film just waterfalls, so this is an opportunity for me to try it out. Is it 5i0 about aesthetics? Same shooting styles, but better editing. One of the reasons I started with 24p was with small P2 cards I could get more footage on a card.

Adorama New York, NY. Print this page Share. I’m in Andalucia for a week and decided to bring the camera with me.

Canon VC-C50i

May 5th, Thanks John that is really good news I always rip interlaced clips first through TMPEG then back into Vegas and then out again so will give it a bash direct. In the Bourne film, 550i thought its fast, each cut cxnon something specific to the building of the sequence, there is an end result in mind that is pursued through clear, concise editing.

Video typically has no judder, due to interlacing. Was it specifically asked for?

Some shots are simply wonderful ie those that don’t pan or cannon and actually give a lovely sense of speed I was filming from 50u pit lane at times, so really close to the cars but as soon as the camera moves, for example to follow a car up the track, it all goes nasty.

I like the disconnect from reality when I watch a movie, sometimes you just need a break from it all!


SprayStream 50i – 60i – 70i High Pressure

Hope you’re enjoying the camera Mark. I shot my first film on my C at Gatwick Airport in interlace, it looks awful on a monitor with the fields clearly visible, never again. This provides quick and easy connectivity to other devices, for simple integration into your existing system with minimal cabling. I am shooting a lifestyle cooking show and I would like to know what is going to be better 25p or 50i. Interlaced high-speed video does not do this without applying a variety of effects.

A camera op might like interlace, but no one who does effects and compositing in post ever will! As a very new owner of an XL2 I was keen to see what 25p looked like. If shooting PF25, be sure to interpret the footage in your DAW as progressive remove field order or you’ll halve your vetical resolution. LCD, plasma and TV screens can handle transmitted interlaced footage if it has to, but progressive always looks better.

Canon VC-C50i Powerful pan, tilt and zoom communication camera The VC-C50i features a state-of-the-art optical system for high level security monitoring.

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