Jump to the original submission. Sat 03 Apr You will see the “Windows File Protection” message pop up. It seem that au10core. Thu 13 Jan Fri 14 May So because they are the same driver model WDM i thought they will work.

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IRQ reg error” by comparing the alsa-kernel version with alsa-driver version http: Mon 17 May I google for my issue Audio halts after a few minutes of if I use A3Dand I see references to fixes or patches, but each and every link and source is dead.

Set buffer time failed: Sun win2, Apr I hear no sound at all.

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Users browsing this forum: Views Read Edit View history. Please click [cancel] button and then [yes] button to remove the driver.

You must recompile xmms using alsa-lib Mon 17 Oct You have to increase the master volume and pcm volume after you unmute the mixer in alsamixer. Tue 01 Jun Before installation, set the folder options to show all hidden folders.


Please check the volume of mixer in and mixer output value. Mon 31 May Board index All times are UTC. Card works fine on 9x so I just dualboot, but I’d prefer to find a way to make it wi2k for completionisms sake and because this is a dual P3 and I enjoy using 2K for it seeing both processors.

I can give you any other information if you need. Do you au sound card work properly in Windows?

Fix for Aureal Vortex 2 with Via chipset-based motherboards and Win2K – Ars Technica OpenForum

Near the end of Aureal’s existence, they released a Vortex Advantage budget sound card aimed at systems integrators, which ran on the Vortex AU chipset [3] [ dead aureaal ]. Sun 30 May IRQ reg error What other checks can I perform to see what the problem is?

It seem that the adb routes table is not vvortex up after you use some alsa applications to play music. Wed 21 Jul Did you use default in device setting in XMMS? Could this be a problem with the card itself the connectors that I use to connect to the speaker.


I will apply those two patches and see. The specturm analyser of xmms appear to be “working” but there will be no sound from speaker if you select wt hw: Tue 25 May Tue 25 Oct You need an audio cable if you want to listen Ain2k music.

Keep up the good work!

I am another individual who is experiencing this problem, and there’s been a lot of discussion, but no real clear answer. Regardless of the fact nothing uses them, it’s neat to have: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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