The variables included in the model and their coefficients are shown in the Table 4. The companies which offerings allowed the consumers to solve their problems quickly, possibly also cheaply and reliably, may have had taller operational cost structures for instance had to employ more staff or use more expensive network infrastructure and consequently had to accept lower sales profitability. Percentage of total revenue from internet transaction. The list of statements of the 7-point Likert scale used for measuring the four sources of value creation. In such conditions advanced and comprehensive solutions increasing efficiency for customers could be forced upon a firm by strong pressure from rivals and as such could be a necessary measure to remain in the market and not a source of competitive advantage translating into increased mark-ups and profits.

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Merchants, meanwhile, can redeem beenz for cash. According to Amit, zoht is hard to predict. Companies have long known that they can leverage value creation for their own products when they bundle them with complementary products from other suppliers. As businesses strive to implement innovative web-based initiatives, they increasingly will have to pay attention to e-commerce business models. Having explained the architecture of business models, Amit and Zott go on to describe the main elements of their eValue framework, which they use to examine the value-creating potential of various business models.

The variables included in the model and their coefficients are shown in the Table 4.

Additional Reading Management Finding the Virtue in Private Equity Firms Many view private equity firms as villainous actors intent on the singular goal of profit. Since they are multidimensional and difficult for direct aand, the four sources of value in the model could be thought of as constructs or latent variables and evaluated accordingly, with appropriate multi-item Likert scales.


Switching costs are created through loyalty programs beenz. The two other elements — Customer Lock-in and Novelty — were not viable predictors while the forth component Efficiency for Customer was negatively related to the performance metric.

Hotmail grew rapidly by offering free e-mail services to clients. One relevant caveat though could be the idiosyncratic features of the studied internet companies, which even though were representative for Poland, included mostly e-retailers and providers of rather uncomplicated services.

Creating Value Through E-Commerce Business Models – [email protected]

New Technologies and E-marketing. The major outcome of the study was developing logistic regression model that allowed to establish which variables were statistically significant predictors of operational return on sales ratio.

The strongest factor here is the number of employees which with each xmit category on the scale increases the odds by more than twofold 2.

Consequently, we see an e-business landscape in which a growing number of so-called old economy firms will develop powerful e-commerce zoth models and end up dominating their industries. The Internet, however, offers limitless possibilities to innovate in the manner in which transactions are enabled—by introducing new business and revenue models. The overall model provides statistically anc improvement in predicting group membership of the companies i.

Amit and Zott offer a simple example to show the difference between a business model and a revenue model. As can be seen, the constructs Complementarities and Efficiency were represented by a single component variable each, while the construct Novelty had two independent dimensions.

The substantial positive effect of Complementarities on financial performance could be linked to economies of scope which result in lower cost structure and higher unit profitability due to offering wide range of products addressing a group zoft related needs. Among the companies that incorporate these value drivers in their business models, which ones are likely to be most long-lasting?

The list of statements of the 7-point Likert scale used for measuring the four sources of value creation. The regression procedure finished at the 9 th step, after eliminating 8 statistically insignificant candidates for predictors, resulting in the model with the following goodness-of-fit and pseudo R-Square measures Table 2.


Ky these customers had signed up to receive their e-mail through Hotmail, the inconvenience of having to change e-mail addresses represented the switching cost that kept them loyal even after other providers began offering free e-mail.

The exclusions were made on the assumption that those companies employed so unique and diverse value creation mechanisms that making meaningful comparisons among them might not have been possible based on survey data.

Another explanation could lie in very intense competitive rivalry within the industries in which some companies had to operate. The 8 components were then used as independent variables in regression modeling. Christensen and Methlie having researched implementations of e-business solutions in traditional companies noted no significant improvement in financial performance, which was attributed to the early stage of the implementation and the lack of time for the positive effects to manifest.

In the past year a number of Internet companies have gone bust. The main reason is that companies are rapidly changing and evolving their business models in order to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions.

Creating Value Through E-Commerce Business Models

The objective of the study was to establish to what extent the value creation model originally proposed by R. The final regression equation contains 4 statistically significant predictor variables. Wmit Articles Tymoteusz Doligalski. The classification table contains a comparison of groupings of firms using regression equation and the baseline setting when all observations were assigned to the more numerous category of the dependent variable.

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