If you disconnect the ac power from the computer, you lose the chassis ground. Use double quotes around phrases, as follows: Your PKTx network interface card cat. You have clicked on the “? It is important to coordinate the setting of these jumpers so that each card can be recognized by the system. Wear an approved grounding wriststrap.

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I think there might be a pro soft card to interface between ethernet and data Highway Plus. Identifies information about practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury or death, property damage, or economic loss.

You should check the IRQ assignment each time you start your system. Watch an animation of a conveyor stacking operation demonstrating the use of a move on a gear command. Your use of this site is subject to the terms and conditions set forth under Legal Notices and the Privacy Policy. If the PKTx is the last physical node on your network, you must set the switch on the CP12 or 13 to terminate the link as shown below.

Allen Bradley PLC 1784-PKTX

When not in use, store the equipment in appropriate static-safe packaging. It’s also supposed to work for RIO with the right firmware update. What to Do Next.


Select 184 categories for which you would like to see messages 17784 Use double quotes around phrases, as follows: Connect the adapter to the connector on the front of the enhanced PLC-5 programmable controller. It is a good card to have if you run multiple platforms.

Other actions to be performed are show as: Subsequent sections of this publication may contain additional information regarding specific enclosure type ratings that are required to comply with certain product safety certifications. Touch a grounded object to discharge potential static.

PLC Hardware – PLCH Validation

However, if your product is not functioning and needs to be returned: Installation Assistance If you experience a problem with a hardware module within the first 24 hours of installation, please review the information that’s contained in this manual. Planning Jumper Settings for Multiple Cards. No patent liability is assumed by Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Restore power to the computer. Visit our Post Archive. Combinations of equipment in your system are subject to investigation by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction at the time of installation.

Contents of Your Package With this package you should receive: This section shows you how to connect to a original or an enhanced PLC-5 programmable controller.

Most application software will verify this assignment for you. Connect the 9-pin D-shell end directly to the 9-pin D-shell connector on the front of the original PLC-5 processor.


Because of this, PKTx cards do not require the use of switches or jumpers to configure their specific interrupt request levels IRQ and base memory pktc values.

Do not disconnect connections to this equipment unless power has been removed or the area is known to be nonhazardous.

Please contact your local Rockwell Automation representative for return procedure. It works great connecting to either the 3-pin phoenix connector or the round fake kptx. When one card differs from the other, this document individually calls out the cards by name. If you disconnect the ac power from the computer, you lose the chassis ground.

Allen-Bradley 1784-PKTX/A (S1784-PKTX /A) Communication Module

Base Memory Address Values. United States Contact your distributor. The communication cable consists of three segments of cable daisy-chained at each link coupler.

You can also contact a special Customer Support number for initial help in getting your module up and running:

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