When I rev the engine it does seem to clear out some, so I don’t know if its idle related. Be sure you know the sealing angle of the fittings you are connecting! If that’s not the case then you will need another solution because the MC is not designed to work at 5V. What if I need ignition control? Niehoff has individual injector connectors under part number connector and sealing boot.

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For example, on one engine: Use a fuel injection fuel filter rated for the pressure at which your system operates. This can be avoided by using resistors in series with the injectors, and disabling the pulse width modulation PWM. The Flyback Board People running a number of very low impedance injectors on V2.

At 12 volts, the operating pressure is PSI with gals per hour. How do I purchase? Add Thread to del.

These dash sizes are expressed in 16 th of an inch. You may be able to identify your injectors by looking on:. Select your option below and make sure to select the correct shipping option. So you really have to compare the EFI throttle size to the carb’s venturi size. Solder the transistor leads in place. The resistors and diodes of the V2.


This is a problem because in the standard code for MegaSquirt-I, the resolution of the steps is 0. Throttle Bodies Your throttle body choice depends on whether you are going to use throttle body injection or port injection.

ID1000 data for Megasquirt from Injector Dynamics

Verify that the heat sink will sit flat when bolted to the case. Find More Posts by Chiburbian. For example, alternator voltage, battery calibration, etc. In fact, most injectors are a similar size physically, though there tends to innector more variation in throttle body injection injectors than in port injectors.

MegaSquirt Injectors and Fuel System FAQs

Apply heat sink compound between the case and heat sink. The vacuum referenced fuel pressure regulator is essential. If they have it we can post all the ID injector data in one thread and change the title.

There are a few ways to connect the board to the injectors. Another way to select injectors is to take them from an engine that makes nearly the same power as your engine will [assuming the same number of injectors].


Be careful not to ‘pinch’ any of the connecting wires between the two halves of the case when you reassemble. If you are unsure about your installation, have a qualified mechanic look it over before megasqujrt to start your vehicle. Find More Posts by Twodoor. You can also use the calculator below.

However, it did cause the engine to eliminate some of the pulsing. This puts less heat into the board and other components.

MegaSquirt | Premier DIY EFI Controller

TBIs have the advantage of having the fuel pressure regulator built in. A port injection pump will work with TBI, but not vice-versa. Be sure to thoroughly clean the heat sink afterwards. Find More Posts by concealer This is because the throttle s of a EFI TB is the main restriction, but on a carb, it is the venturis that are injedtor main restriction.

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