Interestingly The driver installer application works ok in XP comptiability mode and installs the driver and detects the Card. You may send an email to support [at] qpdownload. My audio console runs on another computer. With my current units I am not able to do fixture firmware updates and I only have 1 DMX universe per box right now. The product I linked to, is a directly comparable product. What also would be nice:

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I would like lightjocey see 7 years from a Disco Mixer that costs the same as LJ and if it did last that long it would be due to plenty of repairs and costly maintenance.

Power and network cable. I never run other software on the same computer. Originally posted by Matthias Hinrichs quote: Thanks Carl, And your right, I should have known better.

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Explain it all you wish, but I feel slighted. Maybe a special LJ-shop for upgrading interfaces etc? Just click the free Lightjockey 2 download button at the top left of the page.

For pricing well as nothing is decided yet, so the price has been fix yet wineows don’t expect to be as low as you mention, and don’t slam me here I’m just being realistic. So I guess in the opinion of a lot of people they think: I took care of the problem jakobjan! And having a good ordinary DMX board also helped me survive one of my small events.


Martin User Forum (closed) – Lightjockey on Windows 7

Yeah, possibly with the universal setup, but for those of us with the older LJ2 device, it martln like support has been abandonded. BTW, the initial upgrade program was announce in late I will not go for the new dongle for I am comfortable with what I have today. But we don’t have such facility right now. I will report back to this thread once I have tested it out. My primary use of my system is an AV entertainment system.

It makes sense to have your control schemes to be concurrent across several controllers, so Liightjockey wouldn’t blame you guys. I am not throwing up at you guys. Martin generally continue support for there products long after the products end of life and I fell they will still continue as much as humanly possible. You can not please all of the people all of the time but Martin do there best. The forum have helped me lots of times, and I hope I have helped some other people as well.


But dudes, don’t be ashamed to ask for some help with writing a bit driver for the old dongles. I can’t run my DJ software in XP mode, as XP mode doesn’t allow for a virtual video overlay, and xp mode doesn’t seem to see my audio card to trigger to the audio.

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Personally, I’d prefer not to have to run the extra overhead of another OS. So please start at this forum first. Personally, I welcomed Windows 7 and it’s new capabilities. I have an old LJ dongle the 4x4x1. I did not give up on the idea. It seems silly that perfectly functioning DMX hardware has to be abandoned because the OP systems have passed them by.


The REAL reason there’s no bit driver yet for the old dongles: I have a light jockey usb 2 and just bought a new universal dongle.

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