The three buttons are positioned towards the bottom of the unit, so requiring a space to be left behind for the heel of-your hand. For working, trackballs are excellent, I used one for many years. One person found this helpful. English Choose a language for shopping. This page works best with JavaScript.

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Diagonal movements are carried out by a mixture of the above.

The ball is very smooth to roll but, as with most other trackballs, suffers from skating. I’m a dedicated finger-ball guy and this just isn’t comfortable to use for any amount of time.

Customer reviews

Apart from the trackball position, the biggest part of purchasing this was to navigate Photoshop, Premier video editing and Lightroom. The same phenomenon occurs on different versions of the ST with the same result.

One thing I wish it came with was a padded extension to support the entire wrist. This makes life awkward when you have to press down both switches for an operation and absolutely impossible if you then have to move the ball. The switches used on these mice are of the mechanical rubber pad variety, similar to the technology behind a computer keyboard, and given enough presses, maecus left-hand switch collapses – after all, this is the one which tends to be doubleclicked.

First of all, the software would not work with my computer Windows 7. So far so good. Too marrcus enjoying having a wireless mouse that actually fits the shape of my hand for a change. However, there are certain mechanical and ergonomic problems inherent in regular mouse ab use – if you haven’t encountered them yourself, read on Some sequencers have an accelerator option included within the software but this means that you have to get used to a decidedly sluggish mouse when you quit this program.


Marcus Rb2-327a Track Ball Mouse PN R55-173330-5210

Previous article in this issue: Consequently, some manufacturers have started using micro-switches, which are far superior. Sometimes this movement is just a centimetre, sometimes half the width or length of the screen. Top rated Most recent Top rated.

I’ve also experienced the same problem with the Contrack trackball as with a mouse I’ve used which was also mrcus by Contriver. There should be a switch on the rear of the unit to let you configure Marcus to your own taste, because after years of using a mouse a particular way round, changing the way you naturally think is quite difficult.

Marconi Marcus Trackball RB – Computing History

These are micro switches, and are as responsive as possible, requiring only the slightest touch to trigger. Customers also viewed these items. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Also, you can move the ball marchs in any direction without the cursor immediately picking up. Skating is evident but the resolution of MG Track is high so you don’t tend mrcus move the ball that fast anyway.

Great new update, but I can’t see the logic in the wirelessness of this product.


Logitech Brings Back Old School With Trackball

Though the mouse speed problem can be ameliorated to some extent, the space problem isn’t so easily dealt with. Looking around the web, I see more than one person had the same thing happen. When your software relies on the use of a mouse and your mouse packs up you realise just how dependent your hi-tech setup is on cheap technology – the reliable alternative is a trackball. From a single AA battery, the M will last an estimated 18 months before another cell is required.

If this isn’t done, you run the risk of losing the smoothness of your mouse and reducing its life considerably – people have been reported to the RSPCA for less.

Also, the argument doesn’t hold for left-handed people. It does put the trackball in a less efficient position on the fingers, tho. In fact, it’s distinctly noisy.

Remapping the eight buttons and basic customization is where it gets interesting. No function buttons, no scroll tilt, no fine tuning. It can be used with the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga and 64 by selecting the relevant switch position on the side of the unit.

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