Audio Ports Use the three audio ports to connect audio devices. If the time selected passes without any system activity, the computer will enter power-saving Suspend mode. Locate the JUSB1 connector on the mainboard. Use these items to enable or disable the onboard COM1 serial port, and to assign a port address. Press Enter after you have typed in the password. During installation put the mainboard on top of the static-protection packaging it came in with the component side facing up. If you press the F3 key, the system will automatically detect and configure the hard disks on the IDE channels.

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Ensure the edge connector is correctly seated in the slot.

You need to follow the onscreen instructions, confirm commands and allow the computer to restart as few times as needed to complete installing whatever software you selected. The first jack is for stereo Line-In signal. Use these items to determine the device order the computer uses to look for an operating system to load at start-up time. Use this item to assign a DMA channel to the parallel port. Match the pin1 corner the beveled edge on the CPU with the pin1 corner on the socket shown as the above illustration.

Install the mainboard in a case.

PC Chips M935DLU (V2.0) Audio Driver

Unhook the locking lever of the CPU socket. Change or Remove the Password Highlight this item, press Enter m935dlk type in the current password. The system can be turned off with a software command. Keep the mainboard and other components in their original static-proof packaging until you are ready to install them.


A software menu appears. When you see this message, press the Delete key and the Main menu page of the Setup Utility appears on your monitor. This item determines if the Num Lock key is active or inactive at system startup time.

Some of the options on the main menu page lead to tables of items with installed values. This item determines the timing setting mode of the memory. If you connect two devices to a single cable, you must configure one of the drives as Master and one of the drives as Slave. Performance is based on the processor design, the clock speed and system bus frequency of the processor, and the quantity of internal cache memory and external cache memory.

M935dlu v2.0 sound driver

Disable this item unless you are using an old KB drive. Push the locking lever down and hook it m935dl the latch on the edge of socket. If you have entered a password for the system, use this item to determine, if the password is required to enter the Setup Utility Setup or required both at startup and to enter the Setup Utility Always.

Install the edge connector of the expansion card into the slot. This publication, including all photographs, illustrations and software, is protected under international copyright laws, with all rights reserved.


Making changes can affect the operation of your computer. When the Save and Exit dialog box appears, press Y to m935elu and exit, or press N to exit without saving.

Select the items that you want to setup by clicking on it the default options are recommended. If you connect a USB 2. Old Values Shift F2: In these pages, use the cursor arrow keys to highlight the items, and then use the PgUp and PgDn keys to cycle through the alternate values for m935dku of the items.

During installation, wear a grounded wrist strap if possible.

PC Chips MDLU (V) driver – PC Chips Sound Card Drivers –

If you enable spread spectrum, it can significantly reduce the EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference generated by the system. Change Password If you highlight this item and press Enter, a dialog box appears which lets you enter a Supervisor password.

Therefore, it might happen under Windows XP that a dialogue box shown as below pop out warning you this software has not passed Windows Logo testing audioo verify its compatibility with Windows XP. It shows the bundled software that this mainboard supports. Any incorrect usage may cause unexpected damage to the system.

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