I have a board better than my current one that beeps to a bios error. Return to General Old Hardware. This mobo gave me some signal sparkle coming from pins but i was angry and tried again Chipset Register Tweak Guide. M Win Video Driver – K. Mainly about the V7. For me it is just a mess of numbers, and PC looks hosed.

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I have a board better than my current one that beeps to a bios error. The thing is that this board really doesn’t have jumper settings like older boards.

M Multi-channel Analog Video Frame Grabber XMC | Aitech Rugged COTS Solutions

M and related Links. It has been updated from 1. Supposedly adds support for 32GB drives. Video Chipset as None is incorrect. No guarantees are made or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of the information located here. PcChips M what am I doing wrong? Non-socketed ones are especially aggravating. Video drivers may also be used for the PcChips M motherboard. Mirror from January 15,a year before most download files on the site from Fortunecity.


This site hosts no abandonware.

M571 Multi-channel Analog Video Frame Grabber XMC

M Win95 Video Driver – 3. HDD sleep utility – 68K. The user of this information in any way assumes all risk for that use.

Chipset Register Tweak Guide. How to flash your BIOS.

A Screening Tool for your Phone Line: M Linux Sound Driver – 25K. I hope that the M technical information contained here will be useful to you. It’s for reference only, as I suspect that it’s unstable.

Can you see some pattern? Discussion about old PC hardware. I thought you were using an older board for socket 7 stuff. AmiSapphirecanthearudetritus olentusdicky96Google [Bot]Srandistavladstamate and 8 guests.

This is because they are still widely available, and they are inexpensive, reliable, and versatile. Pulled from a year Wayback Machine archive entry. If you measure those places, they should be 3. Am i doing it right the readings?

I saw the smoke. Yes, Has Sound Blaster emulation. The directory structure hasn’t changed either; that’s how I knew it was one and the same.


This site is text based for speedy access to useful M information. What a fucking crock. M Win Video Driver – K.

But, there are also other functions that the M can perform for you:

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