Download free action games for PC! YUV format output after the. Posted by Lareina at November 25, – 5: Posted by Glendon at December 05, – 6: Divided into two parts: Programering Home Questions Articles Ask a question.

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Posted by Glendon at December 05, – 6: Yangchun can provide about driving? Now write a small program, directly to the image data collected and saved as BMP format, and then uploaded to the Kinux machine, found that sometimes the output image format seem to have a problem, is the kind of partial green but the outline of the image has been, don’t know Is it right?

The LCD driver do not hurry to write a single picture, write framebuffer have a try, several monochromatic configuration to have no what problem Posted by Meredith at January 14, – 8: Programering Home Questions Articles Ask a question.

Linux under the OV driver in S3C_Linux_Programering

Linux under the OV driver in S3C Feel the image format is not Posted by William at February 25, – 9: Sensor came to the correct data needs to have the correct register initialization configuration file, which generally require manufacturers to provide.


Ha-ha Posted by Eli at November 18, – 5: Hello I recently to drive the C channel, the Y component is saved as pgm format picture black no phenomenon, can make your program to send a copy to me? Posted by Eleanor at January 11, – 7: Hello LZ I also study the S3C Linux OV driver, also from the pudn looking for a driver spcj, modified for nearly a month, or not good, hope you can help me, send a driver to my study, this one research is too hard, too few data Oh, my mailbox QQ Posted by Eli at October 30, – 3: Floor pig yangchun to ask the master after clap bottom go, strong BS.

Camera if configuration and senosr configuration of s3cx related, such as resolution size.

YUV format output after the. OV also used several models. Download free action games for PC!

Linux under the OV9650 driver in S3C2440

I did the camera driver under s3cx. I want to write a similar game. BZ familiar with LZ video.


Posted by Eva at November 13, – 4: Brother upstairs said right, is indeed YUV sequence backward, adjust the order, you can catch the picture, but still a little problem, the contour of the place, there will be some defects. Wait and see Posted by Linus at February 18, – 8: Posted by Lareina at November 25, – 5: I have to do now is to use the preview channel P, capture rgb data, and then in the application with the framebuffer display, but there are a lot of IOUs, why?

I looked down, ask someone “hope master pointing, save the boy in distress” Solve the end, clap bottom leave Posted by Brian at December 11, – 6: In addition s3cx support RGB output. Posted by Darnell at February 23, – 9: Divided into two parts:

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