There was a comma that ommited the usb adapter from being highlighted but i got the formatting right now. You do of course need to ensure that the drivers for your network card and WPA Supplicant are installed. Iwconfig doesn’t show it. I have been trying to get this usb adapter to work on my Fedora 22 laptop, and I have had no success. Extremely helpful step-by-step directions. Here is how I got it to work.

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You do of course need to ensure that the drivers for your network card and WPA Supplicant are installed.

Does not detect wireless network, A second XP system works fine. Activation wlan0 Stage 2 of 5 Device Configure linkeys Oct 31 Just a heads up, exe are for windows, and usually we won’t be installing windows drivers in Ubuntu, unless you have to use the windows driver to get your wireless internet enabled, but that’s only for cards where you can’t get a good Linux driver, and it’s done using an interface called ndiswrapper.

AE1200 linux Driver

I’m looking forward to returning this since it can’t be used with ubuntu. I have attempted to install the AE on another windows 7 pc and it installed with no problems. And threw away the receipt.

In my infinite wisdom, I totally forgot to check if Linux would actually linksye the adapter out of… I wrote this guide after I went through a pain of installing my Linksys wireless dongle on my RHEL5. So I tried the direct chat option.


I have been trying to get this usb adapter to work on my Fedora 22 laptop, and I have had no success.

The driver that Fedora installed is Bus Device Please try again later. What steps are required to install my WUSB11 ver 2. I’ve tested this one with Fedora and Debian Linux.

I’ve had good luck so far. First, install ndiswrapper and be sure to install ndiswrapper-common and ndiswrapper-dkms as well.

Getting Your Linksys Wireless Adapter Working On Ubuntu or Mint ~

AE is only for windows operating system. Items 1 – 36 of As it stands, I think the adapter is overloading the memory on my computer and causing blue screens; I’ve been getting them ever since I connected the adapter. I believe the package is actually called rtsta.

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cd /bcmwl_4323x/xp

May 18, at If Ralink is nice enough to patch their drivers for the quirks of other vendors’ products such as Linksys then it’s just a matter of waiting Once you are in the Device Manager That will install ndiswrapper for you, once ndiswrapper is installed you need to get the XP drivers for your PCI wireless card, which I got them for you. But I purchased this unit to be able to test a clients 5GHz system. View 9 Replies Similar Messages: The instructions that follow should be useful on most Linux distributions, but the one I used is Fedora Core My question is, from start to finish how do I compile the ndiswrapper for my Mint Machine?


It is easy to update to a new firmware, however at the time I had my router the wifi drivers and firmware were not available for OpenWRT I didn’t quite like dd-wrt.

How do I install the driver for my Linksys AE Wireless-N USB Adapter? – Ask Ubuntu

DD-WRT is one of a handful of third-party firmware projects designed to replace manufacturer’s original firmware with custom firmware offering additional.

I don’t even think ndiswrapper would work ae12200 Raspberry Pi, because it runs the Windows x86 drivers in a wrapper, and those would not even run on the RPi ARM cpu While Linux has a lot of support for various hardware, I tend to shy away from accessories that “only” mention Windows, remembering the days limksys Winmodems and Windows only printers.

Install drivers in Spanish and it works in Ubuntu Many Linksys cards and other brands as well use the Broadcom B43 chipset, but the version of the hardware isn’t quite compatible with the firmware that comes with current Linux distros.

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