Dec 20, 7: Much thanks for any help you can provide! Even though it will be slower at least it will tell you if the enclosure will work properly on your Macintosh. The errors that Console is reporting when my errors occur are: If yes, the problem might be this one: It was accessing that data directly from the RAID drive that caused these hangs every time.

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eSATA II PCI Express Card 3Gb/s — 4Ports

Since it does appear that ,acie card is within warranty, with respect to repairs and depending on your relationship with your reseller, they are your first choice for assistance in obtaining warranty service. However, I would be interested to see if you still have problems with that configuration. Ask a question Reset. To support these high data rates a 4-port eSATA card is required.

You can read more about these combinations here: Posted on Dec 8, 2: Exrpess read on the Internet that a width speed of X1 would only be fast enough to sustain standard uncompressed video files and I would need a band width of X4 for uncompressed 10bit HD. Dec 20, I’ve contacted Lxcie and they say it’s not their problem.


If you returned the LaCie controller you may have to wait. Kernel panics occurring when the drive is connected, and the drive not being recognized by the operating system are known issues.

The update has not helped and I do not have another Mac to try the card on. Any ideas on what I could try? Dec 20, 7: I know this is not the ideal set up but am trying to work with a very small budget. Dec 21, 8: Easta data on a working mechanism will be erased in the testing expfess. If yes, the problem might be this one: Your description seems to indicate the enclosure does not wake from sleep properly with a SATA computer connection.

If you have four Carf HDs in the enclosure you will not notice the issue. You can obtain the latest update for your Mac at the below link.

Each enclosure supports up to 5 disks. It probably uses an Oxford chip which has only been shipping for the last months.

eSATA PCI Express Card | LaCie Support US

What a headache all of this SATA stuff has been These cards are limited to PCIe 1x bandwidth. Dear John, I would certainly make a backup of any important data. These drives include but are not limited to: Dec 11, I would have bought another card, but on their website when I bought the drive it was esatw as suggested accessories for this drive.

  INTEL 82537 V92 DRIVER

It is understandable expdess when you choose a new technology that is mostly tested on a PC there may be some Macintosh eSATA connection issues.

View answer in context. Can you help further? Another strange thing that I observed is that copying data FROM that drive to another drive did not seem to create a problem.

Failing this it is possible the card may be starting to fail. Sil cards are limited to PCIe 1x bandwidth. Do be sure that we have the correct serial number for the product in question and that your Shipping Address on file is correct.

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