To enter a space, press Key Pad [0]. If the [Yes] key is pressed, the corresponding settings programmed in group dialing or program dialing are changed. Number of copies Displays the currently specified number of copy pages and number of copy sets. Bizhub f Make the other necessary settings. Page Check the fax numbers, and then press the [Yes] key. Page Enter the value by mm using the Key Pad. Contact your service representative.

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To delete another queued job, repeat steps 2 and 4.

Tray 1 are the width and the length. Dialing A fax number is being dialed. To specify the telephone dialing system Press the [Utility] key nine times.

Reload the paper stack in the tray. Press the [4] key 7 times. Automatic Document Feeder Open when clearing an original that has been misfed. Numbers can be typed in. Press the [Start] key to begin scanning and sending the fax. The paper that was used curls Remove the paper from the easily as with recycled paper. Basic Faxing Press the [Start] key to begin scanning and sending the fax.


The product may also be damaged or malfunction.


Glossary A signal used on the telephone line; used when calling on a push-button line or using push-button services. Direct transmission and timer transmission cannot be performed at the same time.

Press the [Yes] key to quit changing the settings. Relay Initiation Transmission Position the document to be faxed. To program another speed dial number, repeat steps 3 through Page 17 Overload could result in a fire.

Scanne the machine is lifted from its front, it may become unbalanced and fall.

If the [Speaker] key is pressed instead of picking up the telephone receiver, the speaker can be used for manual transmission in the same way as described above. Do not touch the PC drum under the flap of the Drum Cartridge, otherwise decreased image quality may result. Once transmission is finished, a beep is sounded.

Konica Minolta BIZHUB 161F Black & White Copier

Reload 161c paper removed in step 1. Make the other necessary settings. Checking The “total Page” Counts 3. Batch Transmission Press the [Start] key to begin scanning the document. Specifying F Codes Press the [Start] key to begin scanning and sending the fax. Lift open the Automatic Document Feeder, and then position the document to be faxed on the Original Glass.


Konica Minolta bizhub Service Manual pages. End User License Agreement Software.

Parts Names And Their Functions 3. Do not touch any metal parts of the Drum Cartridge or Toner Cartridge, otherwise the units may be damaged by static electricity. For The Bypass Tray Load the desired paper into the tray. The laser diode and the scanning polygon mirror are incorporated in the print mniolta unit. Press the one-touch dial key [12] through [15] programmed with the desired function. Remove the protective cover from the Toner Cartridge.

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