Many enthusiasts purchase specialty memory that comes standard with heatspreaders. Feature-wise, the K8N Diamond Plus is set to wow. The small black cap removes to accommodate those power supplies with pin connectors. Quake III still continues to hang around. Unfortunately, such a cooler would impede clearance for longer graphic cards. With tiny chipset fans more prone to failure, we’d prefer to see a larger, passive chipset cooler. The SATA headers now have clip locks on the cables.

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Best of all, users no longer need to fiddle around with SLI switch cards. As space is limited bumping into the graphics card in slot 1this can be tricky.

I am positive it is this card because I have physically taken it out of the case and inspected it. If i cannot figure out what the problem is I will Pvi-to-pci my motherboard to abit.

Abit kn8 possible problem. No display and other misc problems. – Ars Technica OpenForum

It takes quite a while to shutdown, swap cards, reboot, etc. That’s going to ignite a few things.

The ATX connections sits free and clear at the top end of the motherboard but the 4-pin ATX connectors sits at the top end of the backplane on the opposite side of the board. This bug affects 2 people. Rendering, or the task of building and compiling frames, is primarily CPU intensive and After Effects generally bypasses pc-ito-pci video card to rely solely upon the processor for speed.


We can probably blame the board’s unusual L-shaped layout for that. Considering the limited board real estate, it’s no surprise that the K8N-DL’s layout is a little cramped.

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However, I know that the original slot is not bad because the card works in Windows. Email me about changes to this bug report.

The issue is NOT specific to a sound card. Again, the MSI MB did die, but it had a permanent metal backplate that you could screw the heatsink bracket into. Z which can dial in specific settings for a particular module of RAM as pictured in the closeup image following the main screen.

Could you please download http: If yes I think the issue is Bios as no new upgarde since July 03, I thought, no problem, I will Google for an adapter for a couple of bucks, but No Luck The advanced section for fine tuning and overclocking could be prefaced with a disclaimer warning in order to satisfy the Gigabyte corporate lawyers. Splinter Cell is a DirectX 8. The Gigayte site says Watts with 2 x GT graphic boards that’s what I am planning to have I beleive but this seems a bit low?

Have checked mobo website details. Motherboard manufacturers used to short everyone in the early days of SATA but Gigabyte learned that lesson early on. When you say you got no display on the first boot after installing thedo you mean none at all or did you at least see the intial boot screen?


Although my personal issue has been resolved, I am leaving the bug open because the root cause has not been fixed. In any case how can one controller run at and the other at on the same array? Just switch this set of jumpers and you have access to juice up your memory with even more voltage. I’m off to do that to see if it works. I had the Gigabyte for a short while here Doug, but it blew a cpu of the face of the earth for me, so i quickly sent that back with a not-so-kind note. Ideal component layout with good spacing considerations.

Abit kn8 possible problem. No display and other misc problems.

Gigabyte includes 4 SATA cables. AMD have done their best to make it an art form to overclock their processors. Thanks for the education… Tumbleing Tumbleweed.

Aggressively priced against the competition in a very narrow space between product lines. Yeah i know how big should i go?

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