Human Interface Device drivers are included since Windows 98 Second Edition operating system or later. At this point, any Keyspan device that has Windows drivers is compatible with Bootcamp. When this window appears, close the window and your Presentation Remote will work as it normally would. This makes your Mac hardware into a ‘real Windows computer’. Try controlling the mouse with your Presentation Remote. These IDs are selected randomly when you reset the Presentation Remote control by pressing the Composite Switch and Mode button simultaneously. The remote controls are ordered from left to right, corresponding to the illustration on the left.

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Network Switches Gigabit Ethernet Switches.

Keyspan Express Remote

Send a private message to neopotato. What are the Keyspan Tech Support phone and fax numbers? The Parallel side requires: Please note that batteries in a Keyspan remote last about one year. A direct line of sight needs to exist between IR remotes and their targeted IR receivers.

Medium JPEG x pixels. I added Rhapsody application in the Keyspan Keyxpan Software but the active Rhapsody application doesn’t show in “Currently Mapping to Application” Keyspan is aware of this problem in the Keyspan Remote Software version 2.


The older model AirPort Express When the Found New Hardware wizard appears, direct Windows to search for the driver on your hard drive.

Keyspan Express Remote – MythTV Official Wiki

How does one record from behind the drumkit? Please note that if you are additional 3rd party software with Keyspan devices ie GimpPrint, mouse drivers, etcplease contact the vendor of your software for their Mac OS X We will be releasing Vista 32bit compatible drivers next week the week that Vista ships to all customers.

How do I uninstall this software? Please note that this driver is in beta form.

On the other side of the coin, people will complain that IR remotes are so horrible. If you have an IR based remote, move the remote and the computer to a different room remohe usually sufficient. It possible that it appeared and disappeared without your noticing.

My Keyspan device came with a broken CD. I find this frustrating because I like to have an IR remote to quickly pause the music when the Remote app would otherwise be too slow. This is usually caused by the following scenarios: How far can I be from the my computer when using the Presentation Remote?

It can also be order via the internet remotte many battery resellers. Keyspn wasn’t a hassle — it was a simple plug-and-play compliment to iOS devices. Why do I get the error ‘This is the Postfix program at host mail.


Keyspan recommends that you kesypan the ‘Composite Switch’ on the side of the remote for previous slide and next slide. The Presentation Remote works up to 40 feet — even through walls and furniture.

Update – July 18, This is due to the fact that both remotes are set to use ‘ID zero’ and the receiver are set to listen for any remote using ‘ID zero’.

Remotd fix this, replace the battery.

Keyspan by Tripp Lite Presentation Wireless Remote Control Silver 60 ft Range (PR-US2) | Tripp Lite

Currently, ‘Click and Drag’ is not a programmable option. Why does my remote change wlides without me wanting to change them.

All remotes contain a laser pointer button. User profile for user: What can I do about this? The software is no longer available.

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