Please follow the steps below to resolve the problem: Benq Joybook Lite U Source: Right-click in the notification area and select Keyboard Layout Settings. It must be set before User Password can be set. Inserting the SIM card 1. Boot menu The Boot menu contains the boot configuration settings of the system. Downloaded from 72 Appendix LpManual.

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If your Joybook Lite cannot display images at the default resolution, please visit the BenQ web site to download and update the latest Joybook Lite display drivers. Reinstalling bundled applications and drivers available on selected models QDataTrove allows you to reinstall the applications and drivers that are bundled with the Joybook Lite you purchase.

Please wait while Windows is searching for available Bluetooth devices. You can change the current settings, or create your own power plan 1u01 well. Both the selected template and the picture that will be taken are displayed. Restoring your system to factory default settings QDataTrove allows you to restore your system drive C: Please note that the burning process cannot be interrupted once started.

For latest BIOS updates, visit http: It is because hard disk manufacturers and OS developers calculate hard disk capacity in different ways.

A list of devices will be jobook under Boot priority order.


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To connect with a Local Area Network LAN at home or in the office, you need the details of an access point, which serves as an air station to make transmission possible. Component Function 1 Touchpad Moves the pointer, selects or activates items joybool the screen.

Notification area Shows the computer status, including network connection, power status, and time information. In order to restore, you need to back up your system drive, or create a restore point first.

Battery retainer A 3. Browse to select a backup system image, and then click Open. Ending unnecessary tasks To utilize the computer performance, you may want to end programs that have stopped responding, or check the running programs, processes, CPU and memory usage. The BIOS settings u1101 needed by the Joybook Lite to identify the types of installed devices and establish special features.

Right-click the hard disk’s icon and select Properties. You can press the Power button to resume from Sleep mode.

Is the power cord plugged in correctly? Extremely high or low temperature will shorten the battery life. Why does the battery on my Joybook Lite seem jpybook last shorter and shorter? You can create text files using Text Editor and Writerspreadsheets using Spreadsheetand presentations using Presentation as you would in a computer that is preinstalled with Windows operating system.

Using your Joybook Lite on Windows XP 27 Sending a file to a Bluetooth device If your Bluetooth device is capable of sending and receiving data, such as a mobile handset, you can use the Bluetooth connectivity to transfer data wirelessly between your Bluetooth device and Joybook Lite. Save the packaging in case you need to ship your Joybook Lite for service. Consult your BenQ dealer for help joubook maintenance. Therefore, the total capacity of a hard disk displayed by the OS will never be the same as its nominated capacity.


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A list of available services supported by the connected Bluetooth device is displayed. When you are prompted to enter the passkey on your Bluetooth device, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the passkey. Do not expose your Joybook Lite to heavy impacts or strong vibrations. You can set reminders, and keep track i101 things you need to do.

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With your Joybook Lite, you will be able to enjoy the more exciting audio and visual experience than ever! My system is running very slow. Benq Joybook Lite Joybkok Source: What is Joybook Lite?

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