I am simply angry that I have to hear of this boy and his affections for my daughter from you three years after the fact rather than from the lips of my own daughter. Elegant silver eyebrow twitching, Issa placed a hand on Tsukune’s shoulder. Just In All Stories: I loved you with a fire red, Now it’s turnin’ blue As I was saying Tsukune has small harem going here at school. Please, Tsukune, believe me!

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Akasha’s breath hitched as she recalled that particular memory. He had endured it all for her, gladly. It had all started a few weeks ago when Outer Moka had invited Tsukune to come with her as her date for her older iswa Kahula’s wedding to Miyabi. It amused me to no end when I learned that he considered to be something of a dream boy of half of the first year girls, and more then just a few of the second and third year girls as well.

Dhuzen you want to listen to it, go to Youtube. The tiny rabbit-person in front of him was just too tempting to even attempt the resistance, and with Tsukune being free, he didn’t waste time to lay the claim on the youth. But now, the same prideful poise gleamed through the slender frame of the Outer, her green eyes the same sheen of mercilessness as the red ones She had been on the world long enough to know whether someone lied to her, and Tsukune couldn’t lie to save his life.

In this adaptation, Issa created Moka’s Rosario Cross and the one used for the school barrier. He dimly wondered just how Issa had persuaded them to bloodtiver him alone – they didn’t encounter anybody, but he had been sure Moka would have raised a ruckus about his disappearance sooner than later, not that he wanted her to, but.


Issa proceeds to attack Tsukune although kills a poisonous monster with a sharp needle that was sent by an assassin saving Tsukune’s life. Fifteen minutes later, the werewolf came, and with the bouquet of roses in his hands, no less.

Issa Shuzen

Akasha is shown to be kind and gentle towards other people and cares greatly for them; even her husband’s other lovers, which is similar to how Outer Moka would react. She looked at Tsukune. Ruby Toujou has since reformed due to Tsukune being the only human who has ever shown her kindness.

Although not a biological or blood-related Shuzen member, Akasha does serve a lot of purpose to the storylines in the manga chapters and volumes of Season II. Issa is extremely skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat and an exceptionally powerful fighter with his immense speed,agillity,and strength,with Kokoa noting his combat level as being equal to that of the Three Dark Lords.

He also fits the general expectation of what one expects a vampire of his status to look and behave. Then a few months afterwards the two of them started dating.

Since he considers her as a friend. You somehow made me respect you. And your loyalty made me like you. Issa meets with Moka and Tsukune, commenting on how much she has grown. And he had to get to the registry office to change the ownership of their shared domicile — even if it would be hard, Tsukune already decided to let her have the flat — even he, as a human, knew now that Moka’s actions were aired out, there would be little, if any, mercy for her among the vampires.


Katsuji Mori Japanese J.

Tsukune always wondered just why there was a pond of water in the middle of the vampire grounds – it sounded like a recipe for a suicide, intentional or otherwise, but he didn’t dare to ask. Tsukune gets invited to a vampire wedding at Moka’s father castle. Tsukune couldn’t help but feel flattered, and also intensely uncomfortable at the thought of having the lord of the Akassha family desiring him.

Shuzen Family | Rosario + Vampire Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Well, that was all well in Issa’s books. After all of what they had been through It was an awkward series of meetings and events. And then, the man stood up.

She had expected Issa to question Tsukune more, to reason with him – as did Moka, if her suddenly desperate eyes were any indication to her distress. You have thirty minutes to take care of your hygiene; I expect you in the rose garden. Here he was, fearing for his skin and life, and then the man says he The man chuckled to himself quietly, garnet eyes looking in the distance through the window fondly.

Another amusing thing happened in the village of the Yuki-onna.

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