I think the main difference in configuration is the jumper settings, so I’ve included the relevant illustration from Iomega’s PDF file here. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. This site hosts no abandonware. The front bezel is only obtainable through the computer manufacturer. The drive was in unknown condition so I think rather embarrassingly I assumed the eject mechanism must be broken so I was using the emergency eject hole to get the disk out.

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How to install an IDE/EIDE Zip drive

That said, I have the compatible driver and will be putting a readme with it on how to install when I upload to my website. I had two on the motherboard so I wanted the card to be the third, but it wouldn’t work. I think I could eject it just after a reboot which I found odd, but now suddenly ude all falls into place – thanks for the clarification!

Arapi Zip drive is set as a Slave device. I think the main difference in configuration is the jumper settings, so I’ve included the relevant illustration from Iomega’s PDF file here.

Internal IDE Model Zatapi Iomega Zip Drive Pc/mac Compatible mb | eBay

An internal zip drive is always going to occupy or need a 3. Once the Zip Drive has been connected to the computer, replace the case back and connect the keyboard, monitor, and power to the computer.


The IDE interface isn’t visible to the system until the PnP drivers have loaded and assigned it some resources. With a there are a LOT more options than a This cable attapi almost always keyed and only goes in one direction. The ATA Zip has a separate access light and eject button in addition to a manual eject hook on the front of the drive.

Not only idw the whole thread, is also annoying. Board index All times are UTC.

Apparently, Iomega decided that it was more trouble than it was worth. Almost always the red or blue side of the cable represents PIN 1 and is connected with the colored side of the cable facing the power connection. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

I only have now three! If you say the disk gets locked in until reboot then the behaviour of that drive suddenly makes a whole lot more sense! If your computer does not accept the drive bracket, you may want to consider any of the below recommendations. Drive brackets are included with the internal zip disk drive package.

All ATAPI Zip’s have an eject button which doubles as the access light, and they lack the manual eject hook they have a hole in the back of the drive for this purpose, so you would atapj to open up the computer to use it. Drivers for the Iomega Zip drives can be found on our removable and tape drive drivers page. My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Note that different types of IDE Zip drives use different jumper settings, so it’s important to know which type you have.


I don’t get why people does this at all. Also it looks like you have to boot DOS with a disk in the drive to get it assigned to D: Was this page useful?

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Then, as the computer is booting, enter the BIOS setup. Home Help Hardware Help Zip drive.

This site hosts no abandonware. Additional information How to install computer hardware.

Internal IDE Model Z100atapi Iomega Zip 100 Drive Pc/mac Compatible 100mb

Use the disk included with your Zip drive on floppy or CD to install the drivers for your Zip drive. It boots DOS for Windows 3.

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