I dont have compressed air, I will use a q-Tip. Sometimes it works but next time I fire up they have disappeared. I checked it and everything is on right place. First, try reseating memory modules. Hoping that it will help it the others! You can replace the entire cooling assembly heatsing and fan or just noisy fan. What could it be?

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The first one was out of order some 7 months ago and the second one just last pavilipn. Hi and happy new year to you all.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Thank You So Much for the wonderful pictures. Mine is cracked and needs to be replaced. Is the cable one on the left going from the power button to the motherboard also passing sound? I have a DV like the one you disassembled.

How do you unplug the connector in step 10? I was just curious, if my blower fan went bad, do i have to wound apart any of the front of the device, such as keyboard,etc… or can this blowing fan be accessed and replaced by just removing the screws on the back. Can you help me 2? Which Pavilion dv do you have?


About 2 minutes ago it sayed my laptop dv was installing drivers for my webcam and than my webcam started working. I believe in your HP Pavilion dvem notebook the Bluetooth module mounts under the top cover.

Report Respond to hillary. Here are my system specifications: Any suggestions would b appreciated. Please disable any of these devices. Maybe one of the memory modules is bad? Can you help me with one issue? To add some thermal soound would it be necessary?

I believe it was spinning but no lights and no auto play and not in hardware or Computer screen. Try cleaning the cooling fan without laptop disassemble. No soldering required whatsoever! I was somewhat well a great sounx really of a fool when I dismantled my laptop.


If it doesn’t, let me know what it says and try right-clicking it and clicking Start. So far, I’m pretty satisfied, though I have no idea how could I test the microphone.

Dev Mgr on the Sound says that the device is working. Sounnd for these instructions, I had a go on my own, but this really helped locate all the tiny little screws hidden away, nice one!


Audio output Device Problem for HP Pavilion dv – HP Support Community –

Are the external usb sound cards good? I cannot tell without testing the laptop with another backlight lamp or inverter.

If both network connections work fine in Ubuntu Linux but not in Windows, this is software related problem. The two USB ports on the left side have gone bad one after the other. It seems like it cant locate it or something. What are the differences caard Even if I go to Control panel then Hardware and sound then sound, It gives the same message. The computer is now working great. Posted October 25, I stumbled here googling how to dissemble my laptop, thinking that if I somehow disconnected the port it would work again.

I think the cooling fan just died.

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