As an OM, probably good for a college student, due to lots of downtime to do school work, study etc. Recruitment for both OMs and drivers is a joke. There may be several minutes between one person getting it and another. You will never see any of your tips. I have never seen such horrible unprofessionalism as well as whom management “likes” you will get more hours! Guidance from upper management is very minimal, and my location actually had no general manager.

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Work hours where I am are pretty bad, noon to in the morning. It would be a better place if they were fair to their drivers and cared about what they had to say. In Maythey launched an alcohol delivery service called goBooze.

It’s not worth it. Nobody responds to OMs and drivers often ignore messages completely. Leaving Operation Managers to deal with disgruntled Drivers in which you totally agree why they’re upset. This company is still fairly new so I was patient with the process, but unfortunately I was terminated and HR refused to respond to my request to speak with someone about the situation. This is the most unprofessional company that I have ever worked for.

goPuff Employee Reviews

There were several issues with GoPuff or at least the one I worked at. Ask a question about working or goputf at goPuff. BUT the company doesn’t come without its growing pains due to it being a start up.


Free food from damaged goods, pay boosts, flexible scheduling, laid-back, fun environment. As a driver, the job is insanely easy.

Not a good place to work, they say hired you for full time but your never work more than a week. If you are delivwry about driving or working in the warehouse for go puff take it!

Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else. Views Read Edit View history. Fun, Quick-Paced, Really Easy.

I really miss this company! Poor management on the corporate and store level.

Want to know more about deivery here? Supervisor do not inform drivers about the position. BEWARE The General Manager hired too many drivers, resulting in them having to fight for hours, there were no set rules, so whenever someone did something that was deemed inappropriate, they just became the example of what not to do vs having a set of rules for everyone to follow so there’s no room for confusion.

Do not work for them or endorse the use of their company.

Started taking money out of the drivers pockets, literally. Most of your tips, which are minimal gopuvf to only delivering to college campuses and young adults, are spent on gas, and any card tips basically get taken away from you. In reaction, GoPuff amended its privacy policy to disclose possible data transfer to Appsee, and stated that it would remove Appsee code from future versions of its iOS and Android apps.


GoPuff – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I worked as a driver and sr ops manager.

Inresearchers from Northeastern University found that the GoPuff mobile app covertly records user interactions that involved personal information, and was transmitting the resulting video to a website affiliated with analytics company Delivdry.

Poor upper management skills and people skills. I had a discussion with the GM at my branch, when I came in to talk to hm again another manager told me I could not talk to him and wanted to know what we discussed. The GM is extremely inexperienced, a liar, and very petty.

Working at goPuff: 57 Reviews |

The upper management lies to everyone, they pay under minimum wage, and you work as a w9 contractor so they dont need to give you anything. Overall company is gopuuff joke that underpays people and breaks laws.

Every bad review on here is true. Lastly, the GM will make promises to Drivers whether it be incentives like, more pay or a gopuff off or whatever was discussed privately and don’t hold their end of the bargain.

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