Additionally, three simultaneous fax lines give you the multi-tasking capability to set priority, send and receive faxes all at the same time. Setting a passcode is strongly recommended for security. Page Setup Menu Restrictions on Using Job Flow A job flow can be used by single or multiple users, or can be used by linking to a specific mailbox. Staple Position Select from five staple positions. Advanced Features Disables the Polling feature.

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It includes the recipient name, comment, sender name, machine fax number, number of pages, and send date and time. Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble If the image quality of printed documents is poor, identify the similar symptom in the following table to prescribe the remedy.

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When a fax or iFax operation is registered in a stored program, the use of the stored program is also restricted. Close the document cover. To change the setting in such a case, delete the existing xero, and re-register a new address. The cleaning instructions will be explained individually for various parts of the machine: Page Trouble during Copying The document edges are Cause The document is larger than the printable area.

Page 11 Job Status Select the document to be printed or deleted. Paper Jams Turn Wheel 2c in the direction of the arrow to eject the jammed paper. Operational Safety To avoid the risk of electric shock and a fire accident, switch off and unplug the product promptly in the following conditions, then contact your local Fuji Xerox representative.


Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 Photocopier

Quality Grade and Guarantee: Press the buttons in the sequence indicated by arrows. Imported toner powder and chips D. We recommend setting the volume of the xerod monitor to [Loud] so fujj it is easy to hear the voice prompts. You can enter up to 32 characters. Grip the lever as shown in the figure to pull out the staple cartridge to the right, towards you. Use only toner cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox. Setup Menu Relay Station Setup When the machine is used as a relay station in a relay broadcast, select whether or not to certify the registered address number as an initiating station for the relay broadcast.

However, if the machine receives large data, such as an A3 size photo with many halftone levels, the machine may not print it even after the machine finishes receiving it. Select the next recipient. On Sets whether to enable double-sided printing.

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For more information, contact xeros Customer Support Center. Setup Menu With the numeric keypad, fuuji the address number to or group dial number 01 to 09 for the broadcast destination, and select [Add].

Audio Tones Common Settings Auto Print Set the time period to start the next print job after finishing a copy operation. Page Setup Menu With the numeric keypad, enter the address number to or group dial number 01 to 09 for the broadcast destination, and select [Add].


Box Selector List You can check the settings for the mailbox sorting feature. Page Trouble during Scanning The image is coarse. Xerkx Top Cover F of the finisher transport. Page Broadcast Fax Signal Method This method employs a Fuji Xerox proprietary communication procedure that is only for use with specific machines that have the Relay Broadcast feature.

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Machine Installation Do not locate this product where people might step on or trip over the power cord. Scan To Mailbox 5 Scan Scan to Mailbox You can scan documents and save the scanned data into a mailbox of the machine. When using an address number in which the billing data is not registered.

Use [ ] and [ ] to specify the In the Manual Receive mode, reception of a xedox from a remote machine is manual. Overview Of Authentication 13 Authentication and Auditron Administration Overview of Authentication This section is an overview of the Authentication feature used with the machine.

An original size is assigned to each of the 11 buttons other than [Auto Size Detect]. Page 2 The data saved in the hard disk of the machine may be lost if there is any problem in the hard disk.

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