Nov 24 , I did get video out of the external monitor so the repairs to the flowerpot are going to be worthwhile I’d bet that I’ll need of these to install windows 10 from this kinda diskette. They also sold the first PC games on paper tape! A commodore PC that was designed to run windowsvista I wish it said amiga on the side so that I could say the Amiga ran Windows Vista 2 years before anyone else May 10 ,

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2009-09!03!1_PC Zone Computer Trading

Fully cleaned and restored. The lcd inverter did fail and has been replaced.

Next step will be to test the cards and drives and label them as to when tested and what state they are in. Jan 15 Is this cool or what?

Jun 22gf6200x Share on Track this topic Print this topic. L’unione dei due costituisce una forza incalcolabile Anyways, these are a pair of ceramic earpieces that I found in gf62200a same pile as most of the cables I showed in the first photo in this series, and I can’t really test them, nor will I be putting them in my ears, but that’s still cool to find.


The screws are both different and a different size. Gf6200 Instagram Posts The ibm enhanced color display model Item is tested and in good working condition. Fully cleaned and restored.

Drivers Supply!: Skyview Dvr Card Driver

Item comes with one week personal warranty for testing and compatibility purposes. I am a way bigger fan of vintage ibm PCs than apple PCs, but I have always loved the look of this model. Please PM me for any inquiries, thank you. Apr 6 A commodore PC that ff6200a designed to run windowsvista I wish it said amiga on the side so that I could say the Amiga ran Windows Vista 2 years before anyone else The marriage of the two is a force beyond calculation Reloaded osx to make sure the superdrive is still super and sourced a pair of the fosra harmonkardon eyeball speakers on eBay.

Show foesa by this member only Post Show posts by this member only Post 6. When folks bought harddrives or ega videocards they upgraded the BIOS by swapping in the new chip and tossing the old chip.

Hp Dx 6150 Lan

Mar 17 Found one of my dad’s first ebooks. Found this in the attic. This one is equipped with a Racore memory and floppy drive expansion chassis.


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Welcome Guest Log In Register. Is this cool or what? One unit only available and very good working condition. It had a 32×32 bit resolution, that’s the size of a Windows Icon, that’s 4x less than the Game Boy Camera.

These monitors are not as plentiful as the monochrome or cga displays because their video cards were more expensive and vga replaced them before they had a chance to reach a price point where they could be widely adopted Beautifully kept and complete in box, a Commodore 64!

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