As the top of the range product, it should really strut its stuff and show us what Revoltec are capably of, here is the product description taken from their site: Same buttons, same button possition, same colours just a little difference in brightness , and same grip. Below you can also see the 7 extra keys installed and I have to say that it was truly a pleasure installing them. The installation is over in a jiff and and instead of an extra application you get two extra tabs under the Properties for Mouse which you can reach through the Control Panel or the icon in the systray. They can be added in to change the weighting of the mouse, providing a individualised gaming feel. The Puk will prove useful if you don’t use all the included weights, and it’s nice of Revoltec to come up with somewhere safe to store them.

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Revoltec FightMouse PRO

Macro means just what you think. They can be added in to change the weighting of the mouse, providing a individualised gaming feel. These are in neon blue instead of the regular dull yellow or green. It was mainly that I was surprised, the weights were not that hard to remove. The keys are soft, but not too soft and have a nice response; my fingers feel a lot less strained now.

Revoltec FightMouse Pro | Conclusion | Input Devices | OC3D Review

The gaming performance was particularly Raise or lower the volume, mute, open the start page, move backward or forward, search, stop and a large key in the middle for locking the Windows button, which we have to say is a real bless with some games.


The ergonomics is just right for me, both left and right button have good response, could perhaps have been a little bit quicker, while the buttons on the side is a bit too slow in my opinion. Revoltec lanza su serie FightMouse dedicada a los gamers. There are some things that need an explaining.

Revoltec has a most effective quality assurance that ensures this high standard. I kinda like it.

You can remove the weight hatch by twisting it clockwise, allowing you fine adjustment over the weight of the mouse.

By Overclock3D on April 23, 80 As the first product that Overclock3d have reviewed of Revoltec’s, they have certainly made a good impression. By opening a flap placed at the top proo the box you can pull out the tray containing all the goodies.

The gaming performance was particularly impressive, showing the mouse truly deserves it’s ‘FightMouse’ naming, providing a joyful and competitive experience in both our test games. Gamepad Precision Basic is what you could call a pretty standard mouse pad, for better and for worse.

Revoltec is a brand most people have bumped into one time or another. I tried playing a lot of faster games with a lot of action to make sure I really tested the mouse where it belonged, even if did play a lot of WarCraft III as well.

That Quake III icon on the desktop has been feeling almost ridiculously tempting lately. You simply use either button on the side for that function. The picture above shows what the program looks like when you start it up.

Overclock3D would like to thank Revoltec for todays review sample. By Computeractive on March 07, A decent, inexpensive gaming Die Maus liegt gut in der Hand und ist sauber Revoltec products are quality products which are most reliable and with long life endurance.


When I tested if the revltec lay really still it turned out that I almost had a hard time removing them afterwards. For some reason I have rather delicate hands though which forces me to stretch a little when I want to work with the two extra keys on the side. The resolution can be set individually up to dpi. The mouse was comfortable, had a nice weight, good tracking and reasonably pleasing aesthetics.

Revoltec FightBoard and FightMouse

The mouse on the other hand pto really nice; I had no trouble switching from my old MX, which was still more than good for a few more years. At the top we find the ten multimedia keys and the FN key that change the mode for the macro keys. Up to three different mouse profiles are also available.

I just registered for that. Below you can also see the 7 extra keys installed and I have to say that it was truly a pleasure installing them. While shiny new graphics cards, and the latest multi-core monster CPU can boost the visuals of your online gaming, they do very little to help your actual gaming performance, with no way of enhancing your aim and movement techniques.

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