Are you mixing jumbos and standard frames on those vSwitches? Near the end of the installation, it will return: You should see a setup. An example is below: One specific issue we seem to be experiencing is an ongoing multi-pathing related error in our vshere event logs. Thanks SO much for the additional clarification.

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When complete, your vSwitch may look something like this: Hopefully I can help clarify matters in an accurate way that will be helpful. If the MPIO tab does not appear in the initiator control panel, you might not have selected MPIO support when installing the initiator, or you might need to reboot the computer to complete the installation. Update ESXi host 1. Right click Volumes — Create volume.

Apologies for mpii inconvenience. The tool can be configured in a number of different ways to accommodate all types of scenarios; all of which is well documented in the Deployment Guide. It is always rewarding to mppio that the posts are helping someone out. One is that it is an impressive component that without a doubt will improve the performance of your vSphere environment.

I have not done any formal testing on what the fallback is when one is using MEM during say, and eval, and you then enter in your vSphere Std licensing keys.


A desire to accommodate VMs that used guest attached volumes. Email Required, but never shown. Each Port Group has the vmnics reversed.

In other words, no need to add complexity just because you can. For the MDi we still fquallogic one in production in my area! An example is below:.

Install EqualLogic Multipath Extension Module MEM in VMware ESXi

It all makes sense now. I don’t mpii think there was a noticeable performance difference, but our traffic never pushed the envelope of the available bandwidth of even a single NIC.

Alan – Thanks for the equaologic. I’ll have to look into potential unintended consequences to creating two iSCSI port groups but at face value it seems like a good advice.

Install EqualLogic Multipath Extension Module MEM in VMware ESXi – Virtualization Howto

Set the following parameters from 1 to 0: Email required Address never made public. Active-active bonds work now, as well.

Get MEM installed and running in your vSphere environment. We are working on a fix. Sign In feature is currently unavailable and you will not be able to post new content. It’s appealing to keep things as natural as possible. The main advantage vs active-passive is potentially greater aggregate bandwidth since both paths can be made use of though an individual connection cannot exceed the available bandwidth of a single path.


Leaving the heartbeat out is really only an option for 5. JimNim 2, 7 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Hi David, It is hard moio tell the the error stems from based on what equallkgic pasted, but it does seem to be a syntax issue. Thanks for the clarification Jim. If you need to rework your existing setup, simply put each host into Maintenance Mode one at a time and perform the steps above with your equwllogic information.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I might have a go at your test later in the week. Since you’re doing direct iSCSI access from your virtual machine, the host integration tools installation directly on the VM is a good call.

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