It has worked reliably and I don’t recall any problems during installation, setup, or OS install. I have not experimented with overclocking, but the BIOS is quite friendly to it. The KT Northbridge seems to run exceptionally cool. A notch below the physical limits of the rest of the system and things were outstandingly stable, something EPoX have worked hard on. Newsletter Sign Up Register now for the latest products and special offers! All completely stable I write this at that speed, on this board, as you read! As always, lets start at the top left and work our way across and down.

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Apart from that, the board is quite fully featured. 8kk3a numbers are very similar to results we’ve gotten with this CPU on a wide number of boards.

Review: EPoX 8K3A – Mainboard –

No issues with installation at all, as it should be. Fri Jun 07, 5: Overall very fast, very stable and just what the overclocking doctor ordered. Latency on the memory increases actually negating some of the new bandwidth performance you get. Again, predictably, we get epix we expected.

The bundle is unexciting but that lets EPoX keep the cost down, something we all appreciate. People are already taking this board to MHz front side bus without doing anything special. This continues, at least on the motherboard in this review, all the way up to MHz front side bus where it becomes impossible to run asynchronously from the front side bus speed.


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So they developed the 3-phase solution for some of their boards to assist the enthusiast when overclocking and also to provide overall stability at stock speeds. It’s quite obvious that Athlon XP could do with a front side bus hike to let it use more memory bandwidth.

AC’97 audio via the southbridge is also supported however I’m a fan of proper hardware solutions since I’ve found VIA southbridge provided solutions tend to degrade under high system load whereas a dedicated solution tends not to. The item is out of stock and estimated to arrive on the date provided.

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The effect isn’t pronounced you need a combination of extra bandwidth and an overclocked host bus to take proper advantage of it but the increase does have an effect. That leads us nicely onto a general observation about the platform.

By purchasing this CPU you!! Fri Epo 07, 9: Thumbs up to EPoX for that connector placement. As always, lets start k83a the top left and work our way across and down. Supported by the biggest tech community forums. Please enter the text in the following text field. Sep 19, Posts: Running all the way up to MHz was possible on this board with no other cooling of the bridge required.


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A move to MHz memory clock coupled with new DDR memory would give the platform an overall performance boost. A 60 point gain I measured over points from some runs doesn’t seem like very much but it happens every time showing you that the memory bandwidth we have extra from KT is helping performance.

A pleasure to test, the 8K3A is fast and stable. Of course you are also free to run your clocks synchronously and indeed this can possibly be advantageous since running asynchrously increases memory latency on a DDR memory subsystem.

Lastly in epoox look at general performance we have Serious Sam: Just how motherboards should be. Moving down past the passively cooled chip and we encounter very familiar territory. So while the board might seem low on features, it’s strengths lie elsewhere.

Firstly we’ll look at overall system performance in both memory modes and then finally a quick look at some overclocking. AMD seems to have shot itself in the foot however by not increasing front side bus clock or doing some of the other things to help out a lack of bandwidth like a large on die L2 cache.

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