I had no other choice but to bend the capacitor in order to push the connector in. In addition, the speed of the modem is not really on par with other modems using proper Rockwell or 3Com chipsets. However, the lack of voltage limiting cap is a bit dangerous. Overall, I’d say stability is not a problem. I really do not know what difference it will make to the overall stability of the board, since I did not design it. On the other hand, integrating the Socket into the motherboard does help save the consumer time and additional cost in purchasing a Slotket for their Socket PPGA processor, if their motherboard is in the Slot-1 format.

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There are couple of examples on the web: I can’t give you any numbers as time does not permit me to perform any benchmarks.

I enjoyed reviewing this motherboard as much as the Microstar MS motherboard mainly because of its overclocking ability. After reading the electronic manual in the CD-ROM, I discovered that the Line In the center blue coloured jack could be used as the rear speaker output. Very often, I find myself shrouded with too much pride that prevents me to admit my own elitr. All I needed now was a way to get this digital stream into PC.

Suppose an ignorant user set his Deschutes CPU voltage to ccmi8338. Lastly, the voltage settings in the Eliet could do some sort of limiting.

Thanks go to Sulo Kallas for that tip. Plugging the ATX power connector to the board posed to be a slight problem too. MSX emulator that worked fine with my SB16 card anly produces various loud hissing noises.


That would take care of converting analog input signal to digital form and digital to analog, too. The reality was a bit friendlier than I guessed.

Make no mistake, you get what you pay for. Heh, imagine what the neighbours would think when they hear this. Drivers, by the way, are a nightmare. This isn’t very appealing at all. Most overclockers would be delighted to know that the CPU core voltage could actually be increased freely, meaning there’s no limit to how much voltage you can set unlike the Microstar MS, where the voltage setting would be limited to only 2.

I must say that being humble is one of the most difficult thing to do and I am still trying to be as attentive to people’s criticisms as far as possible. The test setup was fitted with an old Quantum MB hard disk which is elitw slow, and this would have affected the Winstone scores. In addition, the mainboard supports a 66 MHz memory bus, or a MHz memory bus, so you can use inexpensive 66MHz memory chips, or higher-performance PC memory chips. As with most top motherboard manufacturers, they do have their fair share of awards and certifications to boast about.

The capacitor blocks the ATX connector lock and is not possible to attach the power cable unless you bend the capacitor slightly. Overall Rating Out of a elitr of 5 Star. So, I believe adding more FSBs would really give buyers tougher decisions to make. Elitegroup Computer Systems ECS was founded in and has since been designing and manufacturing motherboard products for both the home consumer and OEM market.


— Singapore Hardware Zone — Reviews — Motherboards — ECS P6BXT-A+ Rev. C

Benchmark on PII Rev. After much of head scratching and suspecting the CMI hardware, I finally bit the bullet and installed motherboard driver updates which I normally don’t pcl look at the quality of usual driver software! Anyway, this indicates little, or no change in the motherboard architecture, and it’s apparent that ECS did not tweak anything to enhance its performance further.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the web-site of this chipset manufacturer, thus, I was unable to look up the specs. Now I’m wondering if I elire pull it out easily.

MS Windows 98 Build 4.

Elitegroup Computer Systems Elite CMI 8338/PCI Audio Driver

On the top right corner, you can see a red LED. Other than that, I find the layout of the motherboard very wide and spacious. It was actually obstructing the snap-lock lever on the connector. In this board, I was determined to find out if the problem was fixed. Thus, it doesn’t really matter how smart you are, or whether you possess a PhD, one would not succeed if one does not listen to people’s comments humbly.

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