Hopefully ntrig will come out with a new driver soon! My installation of Win 8 is probably different than anyone else’s, so perhaps this will help explain things as well: I hope this helps. But it does make sense that if it doesn’t know which monitor it is attached to it might crash when a touch occurs as it is unable to communicate its position given that it doesn’t know the monitor. Anyone able to get the right install procedure to get the MultiTouch working? I’m not on my tx2 right now, so I cannot see which drivers specifically are in use at the moment, but I can recall that none of them say “N-Trig” so I believe they are default Windows drivers. The only hope the manufacturer will update the driver soon

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I ran it again and it offered a check box with the April update Various methods to Hide, Block or turn off updates here: I’ve tried various drivers from lenovo. After running the normal installer i had to reboot twice, once for the firmware and once for the drivers single touch works digigizer, still no multi-touch though.

The following issues are relevant when working on Dual boot systems with Windows 7 and Vista, and using Vista: I’m going to reinstall developer preview. Drivers in this package are not digitally signed certifiedand sometimes a warning mjlti-touch is displayed during installation.


Above was about finger use. Anyone else have this problems since the update?

Do you know if there will be an N-Trig driver update anytime from Microsoft since they now own the N-Trig? Single touch with the default windows drivers works fine. Again, thank you for your time and help.

That is what got single-touch working for me. Actually, I had run the Win8 installer first, but I did not have to run it again after the Win7 installer to get the mult-touch working. I have only double touch using finger. In addition I’d back up my drivers so the key ones never get lost in the shuffle or renegade Updates which I would turn off if you cannot hide: Hopefully n-trig will get things multo-touch out.

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Could you show us the version and driver manufacturer you have at the HID section of the Device Manager? Thanks for marking this as the answer. Try uninstalling the N-Trig drivers. I have the same question System-Window shows me one-touch as active. I then looked for the C: I can’t even get one-point touch to work correctly for me it detects my finger, but when it tap something, it doesn’t react – it’s like I’m hovering?

Download and install the latest. I’m pretty sure that the uninstall also reverted the firmware. mulri-touch


Dell XT2 N-Trig DuoSense drivers only Digitizer no Multi Touch Windows 8 Consumer Preview

multi-rouch Touch functionality occasionally stops working. How satisfied are you with this response? Rebooted into Windows 7 again just to make sure. HP Slate reporting in To PerryReed and all others who seem to have managed to get at least the single touch to work, could we establish which drivers are being used for which devices specificed by VID: N-trig is yet to reveal which — if any — manufacturers have picked up the panel, as well as how it is priced compared to traditional touchscreens.

N-trig 22-inch MultiTouch touchscreen with pen & finger input

The link to downloading the bundle is as follows: Knowing how they’ve dealt with these issues previously though, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for them fixing it. Like erothvt, I also had to run the full Windows 7 installer to update the firmware before I got the multi-touch working.

Did You find any solution?

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