Hi mike I was really hoping to get INT0 working after spending days on it. The p,i,d, ff0 and ff1 values are standard loop gain parameters. Looks like everything is settling in nicely. The schematics, PCB, and software for Mk2 of the servodrive will be available when I have had to improve the software to do sinusoidal commutation and test that it really works well with EMC and the Mesa servocard. I will let you know how I get on.

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Dspic-Servo Project using PIC30F4012 microcontroller

Anders July 9, at Follow us on All times are GMT Looks like everything is settling in nicely. ADCS to accommodate the shorter Tcy. Once again great effort and keep up the good work. A smart way would be to use some kind of fast serial digital protocol between dspicc m5i20 and the servodrive to directly transfer a precise digital speed command to the servodrive.

I did some calculations and some experiments downloading each variation to the 33F and running it in closed loop. The jog-wheel ofcourse consumes only inputs, 2 for the wheel, 5 for the two selector switches, and 4 for the pushbuttons, that’s 11 in total which still leaves the 8 outputs and 5 inputs free on the header used for the jogwheel. I will try to create cnc mill,I am not setisfied with stepmotion. User Control Panel Log out.


Dspic-Servo Project using PIC30F microcontroller

August 4, at Last Jump to page: Hello, interesting project, congrats! July 25, at Also, I am building a version that uses two op-amps as an H-Bridge to give me higher voltage capability. Their default state all ZEROs.

The servo loop of the drive attempts to keep these 2 numbers as close as possible to each other. June 11, dpic As I increased the frequency of the oscillator the actuator started moving back and forth faster and faster.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The max output is the maximum current output allowed in amps and should be set for the particular motor you are using.

Essentials Only Full Version. Administrator Post author June sspic, at Hope to have a working prototype in a few days I found the motor control tutorials at http: For testing am using a bench Oscillator on square vave TTL Injecting a square wave from Hz to 10Khz 33F does well and measures and agrees with the frequency accross the range.


I guess you will have the boards professionnaly manufactured, right? August 21, at The max output is the cspic current output allowed in amps and should be set for the particular motor you are using.

Open Source Controller Boards > dsPic-Servo – Page 3

If I cant solve this I will have to go back to using the 18F as I can not have temperature drift on my frequency measurement. The demand tells the actuator where to position to The feedback is the feedback voltage from the actuator. Made some real good progress Any terminal program such as minicom, gtkterm, or hyperterminal may be used serbo talk to the dspic-servo.

Just treat them as an ordinary opamp and as long as you run them with a high enough gain above 10 to be safe and good power supply decoupling they should work as expected without stability problems.

Administrator Post author November 11, at dspif

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