The proof sheet will have thumbnails of all the pictures on the card. I have a similar problem to one of the other users. Just still not sure how to actally work this out if I want to both receive and send faxes. I recently installed a new color cartridge. Unfortunatley my printer will now not recognise them and still says my cartridges are empty. After it ran the alignment, it said to remove the tape which I already had, of course.

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When you have the tricolor cartridges in then the graphic changes to let you know. Color documents seem to be where the printer does its best. Mine did…I took a flashlight and tweezers and looked at every nook and cranny that I possibly could and low and behold; it was an allergy pill still in the little bubble pack.

Seems pointless when I can get a new printer for not much more, unless you would have any suggestions for me. Found one that someone was throwing out; even came with a USB cable! I have this printer. What do you mean by blurry? The paper goes almost all the down into the printer and then gets stuck. Printing to the printer is as easy as just pushing the print button from your favorite program. The drivers are available from the Dell website.


When I made yet another tech call, I was told that is probably my problem! The printer and copier work fine.

This is about on par with most laser printers that often cost much more. Only the ink was aleady in and the machine showed the black was nearly full though it q530 empty to me and the color was half full though it never printed till I printed a page of the ink levels; of which no black came out.

Review: Dell Photo All-In-One Printer – JusTech’n

Does the paper skew before it stops? Is this a sensor problem? The only reason I can think of is that multicolor cartridges are smaller and because of this the printer can be smaller.

The way that Dell implemented this is a little different and not all that great. It is a standard flatbed scanner without an automatic document feeder ADF. Over the last couple years printers have gone through several evolutions.

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The quality of the text is also a consideration when you purchase a printer. GD Star Rating loading My exact problem too! You will probably never use all the colors in a cartridge equally and because of this when you run out of one color you have to replace the other colors even if they are not empty.

If you are connected directly to the printer with USB you can also use the Memory card manager to access your pictures. Inkjets have never been able to produce crisp text prinr a lasre printer and they have even had more trouble with text that gets smaller than 6 pts.


I DID have several Trojans, which have since been quarrantined and are froze. This picture is better than the 4 color picture and it is fairly close in quality to the store prrint original picture.

If that is what is broken then it may be difficult to fix, but you may be able to jerry-rig it. This printer has a lot of great features for its price. Anyone ever had this problem GD Star Rating loading I did not have any trouble with the quantity, size or paper type selections.

If you have a less urgent problem you could use the live chat, email, or check the user forum. Dell offers several different warranty options. In case ddll print head gets clogged, there are no expensive repair costs — you just throw away the cartridge and replace it with another.

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