I simply thought I received a faulty unit with a faulty screen and speaker so dell sent me a replacement. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I assume this is a problem with the upgrade to Windows 10, but I haven’t a clue what is going on or how to fix it. Wow I’m so happy I found this post. What I did to solve the issue, is installing the driver which I previously used with W7. From here on out it goes down hill. Anyone who is familiar with car electronics or speakers in general know that when you push a speaker past it’s limit the speakers distort and causes rattle, heat and then later fail.

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However, still no equalizer in Dell Audio. I simply thought I received a faulty unit with a faulty screen and speaker so dell sent me a replacement. It’s a bit of a pain. The speakers dlel this unit is dying but with this preset here I get no static.

And the volume controls are jerky and weird.

Dell Audio equalizer doesn’t work…

Audoimax in or Sign up. In reply to DougNienhuis’s post on August 6, And when my computer restarted, it went through a long dekl new device” process. So I turned it off and restarted iTunes and sure enough, my computer was quieter, went down in temp though its still high IMO 49CC, but as I write this message its at 57CC for some reason.


First off, when you turn off Dell’s MaxxAudio preset you realize right away at how bad the speakers sound.

I’ve paid enough for this that I want to better sound but not at the cost of overheating. I found the movie preset sounds much better than the default maxxsense setting.

The big problem continues to be how the volume goes much louder even doubling when I pause playback or switch programs. It becomes very tinny and shrill. Thanks Molly Sarah and Ivo Bokern for the tips.

BUT, if I shut off the preset the speakers do not distort however they sound god awful. Tried google, found 1 post on a Dell forum about it, and the replies that guy got were seemingly from an illiterate robot and were no use at all.

So the problem, as you can see, is when I open the equalizer tab Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I went back to the Dell site and xell the Guide Me program again.

XPS 15 9550 – Do not use Dell’s MaxxAudioPro Preset!

I tried the driver anyway but it won’t work. I have no idea what device it installed ddell there is now an “Unknown Device” with an exclamation mark listed in Device Manager.

John, Thank you very much for your help. I did the automatic update to Windows 10, and now my computer’s audio and sound settings are all screwed up. I know we could probably get away with turning off the preset and living with the lousy speakers but the speakers sound output quality is drastically changed with dell’s maxx audio.


In reply to zentopia’s post on July 31, This is a good explanation to what happened to my speakers. The only thing I haven’t done is to dump Windows 10 and roll back to Windows 8.

This is Doug again. Hopefully installing the old audio drivers will solve it for you as well.

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My 3rd replacement gets here Tuesday and honest if the speakers go bad on it, I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone using the speakers in this laptop anywhere near max volume.

Create your own Preset. I am using my replacement to write this with it’s aduiomax speakers.

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