I wonder if they liked my answer to the complex machinery question The average ages of a Melbourne PTC driver is 55, get my drift It would be hillarious. Aug 11, Last Visited: Reel co-operative, in fact. It’d be a nice change. How does one become a CityRail driver then?

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Wyatt believes that individuals of all abilities should be offered opportunities to participate in the workforce as this often directly correlates to an increase in self-esteem, financial wellbeing and social inclusion.

Hope everyone had a good christmas and have a happy and save new year!!!! Journos are trainnee on nothing except journalism and supposed to speak authoritatively on everything.

I don’t wish to depress anyone, but Trainse got thousands of applications. It’s not that you have anything to hide, but it’s just really stupid to risk seriously embarrassing yourself to your employer – who you want to have a good relationship with for many years. Good luck grim, Many have tried to elicitate responses from trainees, like yourself, but with no response.

A Case for Social Enterprise: CafĂ© Connex – Wyatt

Please contact Wyatt prior to submitting an application. Sep 29, Last Visited: Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen a newspaper article on a subject trainfe I know without an error in it – just something small like not knowing the difference between a Sea King helicopter and a Seahawk.

They run special football trains between South Bermondsey and London Bridge when Millwall are at home, full up with pissed punters, my only hope is that when I am on this run that they won.


One thing I do have to say for journo’s; they have a way with words. I know my sister went through a similar situation when they advertised for flight attendants with Qantas about 5 years ago, got to the last 10 people only to be told that they weren’t recruiting anymore.

Seeking Connex trainee drivers

Maybe there IS a birt of dirt in there that needs digging up. I am sure Connex would be more than happy to grant you access to a select few of their trainees for an interview. Sep 05, Last Visited: Driving steam trains would be more fun.

All I can say is you guys should apply over here in the UK as they are desperate for drivers in London and the South-East. Oct 11, Last Visited: If anyone does comment; do so at your own risk, because in my experience journo’s are mean-spirited, conscienceless individuals who have interest in little other than their own advances.

Another participant, Domanie, has commenced under the Supported Wage Scheme and is enjoying increased hours and the ability to have longevity in her placement within the cafe.

It’s divided into 10 sections, and roughly half is in a classroom, and half is driving under instruction. Traine I get the chance Portas I’ll email you if you don’t mind as I am really interested in finding out more information. The company has tfainee very co-operative, but I’d still appreciate an inside view if anyone would like to offer one. Quick Reply We’ve disabled Quick Reply for this thread as it was last updated more than six months ago.


To go behind managements back, can only mean that you are muck racking, and trying to find dirt on the training process. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.

If Connex has been co-operative why don’t you ask them, if you can interview a xonnex of there trainee drivers, rather than going behind connex’s back.

The Connex Group Management Trainee yearly salaries in the United States

Sammy D Chief Commissioner. I don’t know what you mean there In the next few years, there will be a LOT of positions freed rrainee from the baby boomers. Traknee really don’t need to tell you that in order to find a trainee to ambush you need to firstly. You can remain anonymous if you wish, but be assured there’s no intention to do a beat-up or bash Connex. You can syndicate our news using one of the RSS feeds.

The hardest thing i found was how to get the non-lifting injector working whilst adjusting the stoker jets and calling out the sticks. How much is the pay and what is the minimum age?

You trying to bait me, brother?

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