They are the same as the data stored in the BlackBox, see previous page “Data stored during recording …….. When driving voltage but not by potentiometer! The motor is Something blocks the mo- Check if something is blockstalled. Heat sink temperature Prevent aggressive driving. For example for set boundary 3V per cell the controller is switch off or it starts to reduce revolutions when this value is reached no matter how big the drawn current is. Solution is simple by using antispark resistor. Make sure your passengers wear them too because the ride can get bumpy, especially in the back.

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After restart device your speed controllernewest version of its firmware is displayed. In practice is not decrease controllers resolution or smooth of drivingbut significantly increase system safety.

Watch and record TV programs on your PC, in full-screen mode or in a window. In case the controller without BEC system, no voltage is present on this pin. For boundary of 3.

This address must be different from other bus addresses. Also, it can be stored in hdf format, which you can always read back into the program and view the graph.



Is it not charging? You probably cannot wait to start driving. Pay attention to the right assembly order of the several spacers and other parts. In most cases is better when controller remember real throttle limits. Questions on our web site http: Lower your maximum speed and acceleration, the batteries will last coompro if you take it easy on the throttle.


Record start when throttle is moved from STOP position after controller turn-on. Recording time is about 12 minutes. Another important criterion is the phase currents in the full switch. Differential oil Brake fluid Check the state of your differential oil every 3 years and replace if necessary.

Record automatically stopped after this time.

Compro U/U VideoMate Action Driver Download

Please keep in mind that your vehicle needs regular maintenance. But if you need use power supply for feeding the controller, you must use module USBCOM 4i, which ensure galvanic isolation of the controller from the PC.

In case of insufficient cooling air flow it is possible to use heat sinks with fans FAN 05, which significantly improve the cooling efficiency — active cooling.

Check for any visable leaks. Each variable can be assigned to copro left or right axis graph different scales. In next step necessary check motor, if requested output revolution is correct with j700 voltage.


Compro U – START UP GUIDE Manuals

Current fuses of the controller have the task of limiting currents at current overload controller. Low AC Voltage or High internal charger temperature. De-ionizing Cartridge product number: The temperature sensor may not be connected to external pull-up resistors. Cables 1 – 5: Remove the front axle to release the front wheel.

Last step is restart, after this you have newest current version. It is a thick layer of special material on the PCB, more expensive solutions.

Engine does not start, if the controller does not have the correct control signal. Vehicle will not drive.

EU-regulations state that you are not allowed to drive on public roads with three head lights. If the peak current during start and acceleration loaded battery to the point that the voltage has dropped below compor minimum controller voltage, i.

The controller remembers the outer limits set of the control signal.

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