Maximum output voltage kV AC. The bottom pins will start arcing over, also because of the internal capacitor, if the flyback is overdriven above 30 kilovolts. These DC flybacks are found in every CRT computer monitor and are called the DST flyback s diode-split transformers because of the several high voltage diodes and secondaries inside. Just snowy and hisses. I tried to fix a few of the CFL circuits after blowing up just one resistor I thought… Well, I did change it for a beefier one but as soon as I plugged in the mains either the next couple of resistors blew up instantly or the transistors exploded…. Hi Jozef, you inspired me to try and do the same thing.

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Now no pic or sound. Primary windings are located below the secondary.

What is the best way to go about this? However, technically, you could:. These have just two screen-tuning potentiometers and no internal capacitors whatsoever, so they can be safely overdriven to circa 50 kilovolts DC; albeit some beefy ones might give you even kV with ease. Then again, you can wind your own high voltage secondary if God gave you a whole lot flybwck assertivity and patience.

A Guide to Flyback Transformers

Just snowy and hisses. That turns out to work like a charm and keeps all the corona far away from the core, it can take some abuse for sure! I could not find any supplier on the internet!! Depending on age circult the TV or monitor which you might have disassembled, you are going to meet with these types of flyback transformers: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


First two bottom pins. Not suitable neither for higher voltages nor high output currents. If circiut is not an option, you can try the circuit tester published here to find it.

A Guide to Flyback Transformers – BOGIN, JR.

Do you have any suggestiong to get me started? Yes, the circuits use the original primary coil that is encapsulated inside the flyback. My project requires a power supply with the following specifications: This task would be nearly impossible to do without proper coil winding, insulation potting and vacuum-sealing machinery.

Firstly, what is a flyback transformer?

If you have suggestions I would be very happy to read what you come up with. Which is better, an ohm or an inductance meter to find the correct taps on a flyback transformer?

To find the return pin, all you need is a voltage source of over V current limited to approx. When I finished the flyback I used emaille which is normally used to fix your bath if you have chipped off some of the hard coating, that stuff is like an epoxy and it comes in a handy container like typex, I kept applying that stuff until all the aircavaties between the layers were closed or not visible anymore.


But how can you identify the higher-voltage transformers? Accept and hide Reject Read More.

I also made one change to the ferrite core by taking out the air gap, and I wound the primary direct on the core and then put the steel clamp back on the core to keep it together.

If you overvolt a flyback, it will cause arc-over. Almost every Eastern Bloc color TV from the late 70s up to the mid 80s has a similar flyback transformer. This flyback type has been used in my Monster flyback driver. However, technically, you could: Unless professionally required, a lot of high voltage enthusiasts do not wind their high voltage transformers at home.

For what setup and how much output current? Could be done with modern DST flybacks? When a spark is struck and an arc flybakc, it depends on the power of your supply on how long you can stretch it.

Skip to content Unless professionally required, a lot of high voltage enthusiasts do not wind their high voltage transformers at home.

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