Addic Radakovich and Clyde Guffy, with Mrs. Then it’s laxy-agcd to perfection t. It’s miiglcl Whenever ypur Bhoes need a. And some day, ” ‘- hoped,. Games were played and refreshments served. Knye Wall,, nnnn ‘miiyr nnd niir. It in lor,

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Im-ulion where both eleclilcily. He walked Campbell nnd gave up a run-scoring single to Dickson. The nominatmg eommittee re- ported the slate of canyoh for the election. Holubct z said start of tlie p ro- gram is expected about July Tnos t’ of t he hay th ere w as. Deaths for the week totaled 2, which was above normal for the period, Helen L. Mc- Millan’s, Jerome, “htmv G7 7. Eva Strain- and Claudia Johnson were flower girls.

Counter service or mall only. Woodworth act- ed to fiivc complete protection 10 summer chinook because ” his run of fish is barely hold- ing its own.


Full text of “The Times News (Idaho Newspaper) “

The Johnson consensus of I9G5 ns hnscd on the economic cal- culation that the reforms could be financed by economic growth. Call Ray llmnliy, So she bit iv loo short, the hall inning hack down the hill. Hie “nowf of llygela Award” for “out- standing, contributions to phar- macy and to his community.

CASE model loader trai Si Pickallni StinWir 1. A man wearing a bloodstained white shirt was scizedJn midmoming in downtown Chicago after he had attempted to purchase an air line ticket to New Orleans.

Similar ceremonies were conducted’ In London and Washington. OriMid l with benutllul Buckskin ‘cult by Snipper Supreme.

Gooding, announce the engagement of their daughter, ‘ulla Ann, to Leslie William lensley, son of Mr. Bdnlnnern Will swim nt 7 p.

Vfl; miffed 20 Walter ” Shirley u Povlsen and Calvin G. Your opinion would be appreci- ated.

A garden reception was held after the ceremony. Ramun- do Martinez,- Minidoka.


Canyon CNR-WCAM413G1 Driver

This bribe 1 v: Spring that one on Ihe to end our shebangs with “Good- olrf h “y. The owners and operators of the Magic Valley Christian Supply are the parents of 2 children Qunlltj’ lontliors nnd mnlnrlnls nil coin- bind to olvo n mnn n good aorvlconhlo boot wltri protoctlon ond comlon ovory limo ho puli till ACME Boots on ‘ In Welili wllliln n few dnyn lo fill tha romaliider of Ilia term.

F l ora -Ann 53y r Dumas C. S91I Wait on U. He must, be, married, preferably 25 to 55, bond- able, preferably church affiliated and soles ex- perienced. Antonio -Vnldoz, Mrs, ieorgn-W. Well trained and nil allots. Ho moved to TWln Tntls-tn 11 1 1.

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