So, my assumption is that I can rule out Adobe as it’s not the only software with dropouts occuring in dub out. Man, that just ruins my day to see “card spec’d out by Grass Valley”. Processor, memory, drive types, motheerboard, etc.. The PC is setup just as mine is so I’m sure it’s some setting or hardware issue as it’s common dropping out on dub out or viewing out from ADVC on both setups. So, I don’t think it’s heat.

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So I am stuck betweenthe following possibilities: Wednesday, Cahopus 26, I can confirm I have only a 4-pin cable fitted to the front and the 6-pin is connected to my firewire card. For video capture, Windows XP is still best, with some Windows 7 okay. Thanks for canopua help.

You can also use this kit to digitally clean up old home movies and then re-convert them back to a cassette format. Resources for IT Professionals.

Windows 7, 64 bit PC loses connectivity with Grass Valley ADVC via firewire

However, using the same software, DV capture is smooth. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. canopuus


Originally Posted by lordsmurf. One other thing, my ADVC is an actively cooled device. Originally Posted by vaporeon Just SD for now It is designed to capture and play back analog video canoous sources including VCRs, Hi8, and cameras to your computer. Or has the ADVC stopped working?

It was a ver and now is the Octobe ver Supermicro is manufacturer.

This never caused any errors, but the canlpus I mention it is there windosw be some possibility that the is also actively cooled, so be on the lookout for obstructed vents and the like, just to be sure heat isn’t causing or contributing to the issue. If your FW card is working and your is also working, they connect more or less automatically. The only difference is that, through this process of elimination, I was instructed to rebuild by C: Well, sounds like purpose built and very expensive machines, they machine vendor ought to be chomping at the bit to find the solution, and much sooner rather than later.

The ADVC software is still able to start capturing essential components of the images and sounds. This is what you need. I’ve tried in both my editor and that of my co-worker with teh same setup and same issues. I find these much better for capturing, than PRE, as neither stop when frames may be lost, or blank areas in the recording. The computer manufacturer has responded and confirmed the firewirecard should be using the main Windows driver for the card.


I’ve also rebuild the C: The converter kit includes a reference manual that explains how to begin the process of converting videos.

Canopus ADVC 300 Converter

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but I get the samemessage. I have a new question: All power saving options, screen savers, etc. This makes it faster to convert your tapes into digital video and audio. I still can’t point it to something specific.

Canopus ADVC Converter | eBay

Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. So I feel really lucky that the Picture Controller stuff works fine for my needs, especially after GV insisted it was not compatible with Win7.

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