No, please avoid “the following”, because it’s bloated and overused and usually misused. Maybe the number of cores on the socket connected to the controller. Aug 18 , 4: Also, new sentence to new line, and “This sysctl” is redundant: Also, new sentence to new line, and “This sysctl” is redundant:. Same here – probably not intended.

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Ravi had some good nit-picks. Cm misused for it Same here – probably not intended.

A few general comments: Quoted value is probably better with markup, although it is too early in the morning to think which would be best. Please remember to update. One value for all bnxtX instances, or does each bnxtX have its own value?

Yeah, this is a matter brladcom tracking down someone who knows how this field is populated and getting it documented. More cxgb problems – sorry guys. This should be brroadcom Both of these sentences start with “This”, which is indefinite and can make it hard to tell which thing is being talked about. There are a very large number of changes, so older changes are hidden.


Again, the repeated “This”. Adding this in a future patch would be nice. Start new sentences on new lines.

Just “These” is almost always better.

As above, “various” is not needed. The minimum a driver is written against may be missing features provided in later API updates. The second sentence that tells the reader the next thing is, well, following, can be broaxcom entirely with a colon. This should be trivial to add. The output does not label them, it’s just a simple comma separated list.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.

Drivers Download: Broadcom Bcm

Under what situation would this ever be written? You probably didn’t mean to comment out cxgb. Why do you hate cxgb?

Please start new sentences on a new line. Version related information about the device and firmware: No, please avoid “the following”, because it’s bloated and overused and usually misused. Nov 158: So it seems like we’re not going to have options RSS support in the driver until this is figured out; that’s kind of too bad.


Netgear FA310TX rev D2

Herald edited edge metadata. I’m entirely unqualified to comment on the actual driver, but I can nit-pick on some of the surrounding infrastructure. Since there are cases where the device may need to be reset, please document how to reset the device.

Set the number of RX queues. Shouldn’t have been part of the patch. Log In to Comment. If not, a system reboot would likely be required.

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