I bought what should be a ‘lifetime’ supply of JAN Phillips 12AT7s and s while I was at it to keep me going while they’re still readily available and not insanely priced. Jul 11, Jul 29, 7. Jul 10, 2. This is a perfectly safe substitution to make. Andrews Amp Lab Home Page. I must say that it was the most shrill and thin of the group.

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Do you already have an account? Buy 2 and put one in the phase inverter too. Because of the high demands placed on this tube by the Fender reverb driver design, it’s important to get a good quality 12AT7 for this slot.

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Most amps use either a 12AX7 or 12AT7 for this purpose. Jul 10, 3. Of course, I don’t recommend turning up your reverb level so high that the tonal differences are fo critical. Blue StratJul 10, Been playing guitar for about 43 years now so I’m well beyond the stage of “impressing people with how much money you spend needlessly on your gear.

12AT7 tube shootout for guitar amp phase inverters | Andrews Amp Lab Blog

There are better choices. I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about here. V3 Because of the high demands placed on this tube by the Fender reverb driver design, it’s important to get a good quality 12AT7 for this slot.


Actually, to me, tubes either work or they don’t. My opinion, but those that disagree probably sell tubes. This post to me got it right, the Mullard cv is the best.

Jul 30, 9. Your name or email address: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Fender Amp Preamp Tube Layout and recommendations

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Opinions on how the phase inverter affects tone vary. This position is particularly sensitive to microphonic tubes due the high gain of channel 2.

No registered users and 3 guests. All part of the ‘fun’ of different tubes having different strengths depending on the application I suppose. Yes, my password is: Maybe nobody really wanted them for a long time, but now that many of the better NOS tubes are gone, the “Mullard” name makes everyone excited.

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This one is the winner for current production tubes and beats most NOS options! It has a nice rich full tone with great definition, punchy bottom and smooth treble.


Your name or email address: No offense to you, Mike, I’ve dealt with you in the past and find you to be one of the honest dealers that I’d recommend in a heartbeat to ANYONE looking for quality tubes.

It carries a higher price too. I’ve got hold of 2 tad 12at7 are they any better than GT? To me they aren’t archetypal of “Mullard” quality.

Fender 2 channel reverb amp preamp tube layout as seen from the back of the amp. The good choice when low price is of high importance. The tubes at the other end of this revedb tended to have smaller plates.

The Philips is a touch quieter, and seems to take a little of that “doink” sound out of it. If I was building low-priced mass produced amps, I would probably choose this tube.

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