Posted May 24, Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any registration. I will order one this week! The picture’s brightness also helps it deliver some pretty extreme colours for the bottom end of the market. The more time you spend with the W, however, the more you start to notice a few cracks in its eye-catching veneer. We guess we need to conclude this performance section with a quick mention of the W’s audio capabilities, which, as we predicted, aren’t great.

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For Incredibly cheap Really bright Colourful pictures Well featured. Posted Jun 16, Against Sometimes very obvious rainbow effect Unsubtle colours. To its credit, the W even provides a surprisingly plentiful selection of picture adjustments, including, unbelievably at this price, a fairly sophisticated colour management system. Our test sample read benqq in this mode.

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While this s600 ideal for a coffee table placement, a ceiling mount might require a drop tube if you have a ceiling fan or other obstruction.

Unless you are sitting very close to the projector in a quiet room, you will need an outboard sound system of some kind. Enter the numbers as they appear to the left.

The most obvious chink, without doubt, is the W’s susceptibility to DLP’s rainbow effect problem. The color is not vivid, some kind of orange.


Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any bbenq. Posted Jan 11, 7: The more time you spend with the W, however, the more you start to notice a few cracks in its eye-catching veneer.

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This leeway should allow you some flexibility when mounting the projector, though care must still be taken to plan at least the basics of your installation before purchase. Are there and affordable projectors that will do what I need?

I know I keep talking about “brightness this and that”, but for outdoor projecting, that is the single greatest concern. W00 lumens of brightness, it has the power to be used in almost any projection environment.

If color accuracy and contrast are your primary concerns, Cinema mode is better still, though lumen output drops to The W has a highly variable light output that makes it easy to use in almost any projection environment. Other lesser problems find the W’s colours sometimes looking a bit garish and lacking in subtlety; the picture sometimes betraying signs of the projector’s pixel structure, especially around curved edges, and pictures exhibiting quite a bit of video noise at times, most notably when using the BrilliantColour feature.

I bought a LG 3D Blueray player but the 3D option on the blueray player is greyed out and the Blueray manual says something about the special LG 3D systemy is mandetary.

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The latter adjusts the lamp output in sync with the six-segment colour wheel, to reduce DLP’s dot crawl noise problem and improve the subtlety and richness of colours. The former issue could make it difficult for you to get the image size you want, while the latter means you will very likely have to use image-distorting digital keystone correction to get the edges of the picture straight.


But it would be a surprise if there was no-one out there who wasn’t at least subliminally aware of the problem on at least a few occasions during a typical film. Francisco Posted Jul 24, Lamps last 2, hours in High lamp mode or 4, hours in Eco mode.

All comments should remain on topic. The W is not just inexpensive at purchase; it is also inexpensive to maintain over time.

BenQ W600 Projector

Not surprisingly, the W’s saving grace is its price. This quality, sometimes difficult to describe but always important, is improved greatly by disabling BrilliantColor. Posted May 24, Although its rainbow effect problem makes the W a no-no for serious users, its brightness and affordability should ensure it finds an audience.

It’s important to stress here that some people are more susceptible to seeing the rainbow effect than others. The projector has a manual 1.

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