If you are not sure if your ISP requires a service name, leave this blank. Page 85 This will cause the Router to reattempt communication with the modem. You can also use these steps to add computers to your Router after the Router has been set up to connect to the Internet. Restarting or rebooting the Router will NOT delete any of your configuration settings. Page of Go. Enter text from picture: This is the name of your wireless network to which your computers or devices with wireless network

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You will see the Congratulations screen when your Router can connect to the Internet.

Congratulations Once you have verified that your other wired and wireless computers are properly connected, your network is set up and working. Try shutting down and restarting your computer.

You will be asked if you are sure you want to continue. This may be necessary if the firewall is causing problems with an application such as a game or f58231-4 conferencing application. Log into your Router. The following is a list of features that make your new Belkin N1 Wireless Router an ideal solution for your home or small office network.


Belkin F5D8231-4 User Manual

Saving your configuration will allow you to restore bekkin later if your settings are lost or changed. Congratulations You have finished installing your new Belkin Router.

Restriction can be set for a single computer, a range of computers, or multiple computers.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet from a wireless computer, please check the following items: The home page is visible to any user who wants to see it.

Your user name and password are provided to you by Telstra BigPond. Hardware Connections from the previous section.

Belkin N1 Wireless Router Specs – CNET

Introduction For more information regarding our networking products, visit our website at www. Download the patch here: If it is, you will need nelkin configure your Router for a PPPoE connection type using your user name and password.

Make sure your wireless computers are updated to work with WPA2 and have the correct settings to get proper connection to the Router. By following our simple setup instructions you will be able to use your Belkin Home Network to: Wireless technology is radio-based, which means connectivity and the throughput performance between devices decreases when the distance between devices increases. Enter your pre-shared key. Belkin Corporation reserves the right to review the g5d8231-4 Belkin product.

Enter text from picture: The default access port is set to port Page 73 Router to contact the xxp servers on the Internet and get a response.


Belkin N1 Wireless Router – wireless router – 802.11b/g/n (draft) – desktop Series

Shut down any programs that are running on your computer at this time. Knowing your Router Knowing your Router H.

You can also use these steps to add computers to your Router after the Router has been set up to connect to the Internet. The download of the firmware is complete. You cannot set the clock yourself. Restoring a Previous Configuration This option will allow you to restore a previously saved configuration.

Assistance Connecting Other Computers This optional step will help you to connect additional wired and wireless computers to your network. Dense objects nelkin can inhibit wireless communication include: Most of the Belkin wireless cards have driver updates available for download from the Belkin support site: Enter the IP address here.

Select your country or ISP from the drop-down boxes.

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