The trouble maker is: Nevertheless trying to compile atxp1 I get: Display posts from previous: But what really would be ubercool is a daemon that not only can handle the FSB frequenzy changes but also the changes to cpu core voltage. Of course the coupling should only be modifyable by root, so this would be pretty safe then.

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Ok, I am having a problem with my permissions. It seems they get reseted after some time. Although I didn’t do much tests, I think you can add it to your list of supportet Mainboards. I mean with cpufreq-nforce2 you can easily use any daemon you want, like speedfreq etc. Sun Jan 09, 7: Ah, OK, good explanation.

Display posts from previous: VCore pairs are different between various CPUs. I already tried cpufreq-nforce2 without voltage changing some time ago.

Thanx for the patch! Ok, thanks for the calculation fix.


Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_SENSORS_ATXP1: Attansic ATXP1 VID controller

But what really would be ubercool is a daemon that not only can handle the FSB frequenzy changes but also the changes to cpu core voltage. Detected on SMBus nForce2 adapter ataddress 0x To sum it up, I’d hate doing all the switching manually.

Well, I could bug lkml and hope to get an answer on what would be the correct way for this Mon Jan 03, Is it necessary to build this i2c stuff as modules? Can you measure the amound of electricity you save with additional cpufreq-nforce2?

But of course aftansic could set up the tables ourselves using programs like prime95, can’t we.

With some chipsets this is possible and there are patches for powernow-k7 to work on desktop boards. Can anyone suggest what to do?

CONFIG_SENSORS_ATXP1: Attansic ATXP1 VID controller

So, users should be warned, I guess. Mostly the RAM is the limiting factor.

Please fix this in your instructions atdp1 There are many other possibilities, including dynamic changing depending on the CPU load, etc. If you also compile cpufreq governors in your kernel along with this patch, you can easily emerge cpudyn and configure it for your desktop powersaving according to load.


Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Perhaps the best would be to let udev handle the permissions? Mon Jan 03, 7: Is it even worth it?

Sun Jan 02, 6: Some sort of interface is needed, which apparently doesn’t exist right now Not sure yet why this occurs, there are no FP attabsic in the module. Wed Jan 05, 1: So you could couple fsb and vcore, but in userspace. But I just tried the atxp1 module.

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