USB Flashback has been known to be incompatible with lots of usb sticks, stick contents etc by user reports. Victor Petrov victor-petrov wrote on I am glad to hear that. Hdmi Problems Bradley , Dec 24, at 8: Can I install the JMicron driver from it? Got an update on the board today, i should get the board friday. If you installed Linux on the IDE drive windows wont see it

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How full are the drives you are testing? What do you recommend I do to leave the BiOS 2 in this condition? I re-install the JMB36x driver. If it were a single disk So does this bios also help enable trim on ssd that are not in raid mode, but are on the intel sata ports with raid enabled in the bios?

In Win7 you just have to wait until the drives decide to clear it on their own. PS your work is awesome.

The last 2 modbiosfiles and the new 12 do not working with usb flashback on my r4e. Please enter a reason for warning. I am not aware of anyone having any real issues getting this update done bud.


JMicron Problem?

Devicd you at any point revert to a 2xxx or 1xxx version via USB Flashback? Ray Trautman raytraut wrote on What am i doing wrong? Maybe not, but it works on two of those controller chips here.

I will play around to see if I can catch the precise time when the instruction is recorded in hex data.

I have exactly the same issue. Thanks for the answer. I finally set my board up with the 2 dvd burners that I use most on the ICH7 ide controller ,then set the dvd rom and CD writer on the jmicron channel.

JMicron Problem? | Tech Support Guy

Trimmed up the drive with no issues. Curious as I thought it could not be done.

And after flashing tis bios is it possible to install Marco Rodrigues gothicx jmkcron Can you test and see what’s the minimum amount of time required for TRIM to be acted upon by the Vectors? Might explain why there were so few of them.


Will think twice now. Device manager shows What you are seeing is system instability.

SATA & IDE HDD Drive Together

Still even just with the IDE Seagate hard drive plug in, it won’t boot. You have my name wrong in a post, I do not have a big nose although I like to poke my nose into things: Click here to join today! Oh, I’m using the Ciao sandro c The problem is probably with how aggressive non-aggressive to be exact heh TRIM is for these drives. Posting Screenie for forum members Cannot allocate resource region 2 of device Of course I flashed your bios mod.

Windows 8 recognized the Raid array on it’s own. It is a live cd.

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