I can scan down limited sleeper caches with a gnosis and basic probes and the current alpha skills and a few of those scan boosting modules that alphas can use. Can’t remember which one. There are sites that require high skill levels to pinpoint. Sleepers sites marked as data sites. Otherwise, yeah, sisters launcher, sisters probes, and mid-slot rangefinding modules.

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Missions & Complexes

Matthias Ancaladron 1 Aleff Knoll wrote: Try one of these. The pinpoint formation is fine for conventional stuff but it’s not optimum. Zhilia Mann 2 If you plan to scan much, just invest in alphasccan AR requires cybernetics 3, which I believe is in the alpha set.

The new forums are live and can be found at https: Tide Way Out Productions. Britcoin Dan Does any Alpha clone have over scan points strength? Those are big money. Can’t remember which one.

The Scope Gallente Federation 6. If you aphascan willing to spend the money on a gnosis, a cargo scanner, and an afterburner ghost sites are easy money with 0 risk. Does any Alpha clone have over scan points strength? Are those enough for a limited sleeper cache or standard? Sleepers sites marked as data sites. That way the introductory alpha clones would be a great tool to get new blood into the game without financially wrecking CCPs ability to continue providing the game to the masses.


Blow up in your face if you’re slow or if you mess up. It’s a high end site.

Well if I simulated corectly my alpha pilot on Heron I got scan strenght. If you want to run superiors, buy a subscription, train up the relevant skills scanning and the ship and support skills to survive the site alphascna enjoy.

I was using a slightly modified spread formation where the top and bottom probe are farther apart so they’re more equal to the distance of the other 6 proves.

AlphaScan | Magic Driver

I love to sail forbidden seas If it’s too expensive let me know and I might be able to make one appear for you. Viziam Amarr Empire 3. Tide Way Out Productions 3, The limited sleeper cache i mentioned above is an example of this. Previous Topic Next Topic.

Ships & Modules

There are sites that require high skill levels to pinpoint. You probably found a sleeper cache labeled as a data site Which will be impossible to scan down with that ship and skills.


Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Rangefinding implant. The mid slots are the way to go. If it was lesser covert research or something like that you goofed.

That was also with my old formation. These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Previous Topic Next Topic.

They are pretty cheap compared to the other options. The Fall of Leviathan.

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