The support center may possibly have older versions available. Power on your Atape devices. If yes, does the command inquire display the auto changers and tape drives? Interview took place in IBM India and it t What about fibre channel support?

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Save the output from the device queries, and save the current device configuration the filename is optional: If yes, then please delete the configuration and re-configure the tape library in NetWorker. Storage Area Networks SAN has huge requirements and the attape and importance of this technology is increasing every year. Yeah If yes, does the command inquire display the auto changers and tape drives?

We live in a digital world which is created and defined by software. While it is recommended to remove and redefine the paths after any hardware change, including upgrading Atape. Interview took place in IBM India and it t Select Tape device drivers and taape for the Product Type.


Sorry, wrong host where robotics only is. Install the old drivers.

EMC Community Network – DECN: can we need atape driver ?

Go to the Fix Central website: What Others are Reading Now Please enter a title. Install the new driver. However, this is obviously an AIX command. Not sure what you talking about Remove the devices completely by entering rmdev -dl rmtX. Redefine the drive and library paths.

Atape Device Driver for AIX Platform | Storage CH Blog

Complete the following devicr. The driver must be configured before using the Tivoli Storage Manager server with tape devices. Note also that error you get seems to indicate something being wrong with config of driver AIX Support Line can usually assist with general conditions of updating and basic diagnosis.

The client is an AIX host. Comment or submit more interview questions if you If yes, did you can the new devices into the OS? Power off all Atape devices. It is obviously not a storage node – so no attached devices. Install the most current Tivoli Storage Manager device driver.


How to upgrade Atape V2 to the current level Complete the following steps to upgrade Atape Version 2 to the current level. These device drivers devixe maintained and released by the tape product engineers, side-by-side with device microcode. Remove the drive and library device names: You can not post a blank message.

Follow these steps to install and configure Atape device drivers on AIX server

Fibre channel support is new. If yes, does the command inquire ataep the auto changers and tape drives? List the tape devices: Install the new drivers.

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