The stats for the 2Mb models are less exciting. As you’d expect from the identical hardware, the Pen Cam takes pictures that look exactly the same as the Palm Cam ones. If the rather questionable image quality of a webcam’s good enough for your purposes, the Palm Cam in particular is a pretty nifty little item. You press the back button to pick the capture mode you want, you press the shutter button to confirm the selection and take pictures. Here’s the Hoberman sphere again, now lit only by the W bulb in the middle of the room: There’s Ulead Photo Explorer, a perfectly all right image organiser-and-manager which you can download for nothing, but this is the “full” version that doesn’t show you ads , and Ulead Cool , too, for making panorama pictures out of lots of separate overlapping shots.

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Apart from the shape, the only real difference between the Pen and Palm cameras is the USB connection. If you’re not making movies, images are saved as plain 24 bit BMPs. The black thing to the left of the lens is the speaker.

Image quality The field of view of both cameras is a generous 54 degrees – not really wide angle, but good enough for indoor pictures without bumping into walls as you try to fit everything in. Aiptei files are usually supplied either as an installation file or a compressed archive. Leave the camera alone for about a minute and it automatically powers down. Its viewfinder’s a bit closer to the lens, so close-ups are a little easier to frame with the Pen Cam, but it’s not much of a difference.

For this money, you don’t get no-power-needed Flash RAM storage. This file was last checked for viruses less than 1 day ago. The Palm Cam’s stand screws into a standard tripod mount thread on the bottom of the camera.


Aiptek PalmCam Driver for Windows XP / / ME / 98 v

They do still sell this little onethough! Here’s the Hoberman sphere again, now lit only by the W bulb in the middle of the room: Aiptek include a warning note that says you can only apitek two weeks of standby life from a set of batteries in the cameras, which might be true of the cheapo carbon-zinc AAAs that come in the box hey, at least the batteries are included!

The software bundle’s surprisingly good, for such cheap cameras. Now, it’s possible to wring considerably better results out of a Palm Cam than this, using a bit of post-processing. This resolution at 30 frames per second is a standard videoconferencing video mode, but many webcams, including the Palm ;almcam, can’t actually capture that high a frame rate.

Inside, the Palm Cam seems well enough made, for what it is. If you actually use the camera, of course, battery life drops. Here’s the Palm Cam’s opinion of the thing this is ai;tek, but not scaled; click for the full image, which just includes the white dropsheet around the target.

Download Aiptek PalmCam Drivers for Windows

Download DriverUpdaterPro to get the most current drivers for your computer. Five hours of shooting time wouldn’t amaze me, given that you’re not likely to be walking around with the camera on when it’s memory’s full. December 27th, They’ve aiptel low resolution by pixellow cost, colour video sensors – complementary metal-oxide semiconductor CMOS instead of the more expensive, lower noise, higher palmxam Charged Couple Devices CCDs used in higher resolution cameras – but they’ve got a block of RAM in there too, and batteries, so you can unplug them from the computer and take pictures on the run.


We use special protection of our files to prevent automatic copying. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. Any half-decent real tripod is likely to cost more than the Palm Cam itself, but you can still put it on one if you like. On the next page, enter the code shown in a picture.

Webcams aren’t renowned for multi-megapixel image sizes, and Aiptek’s products are no exception. And the video clip mode might be silent and brief, but being able to make a forward or reverse video with a click of the mouse is still likely to amuse the small ones for quite a while.

There’s Ulead Photo Explorer, a perfectly all right image organiser-and-manager which you can download for nothing, but this is the “full” version that doesn’t show you adsand Ulead Cooltoo, for making panorama pictures out aiphek lots of separate overlapping shots.

You can’t erase just one image – it’s all or nothing – and you can’t review images in-camera, with just a two-character status display. The download will only start if the code was entered correctly. No big deal for separate shots, but unsightly in video clips.

AIPTEK and Cameras and MP3 Player drivers

Home Site map Contact Us Search: Give Dan some money! There’s no tripod thread, just a hole that a split pin pops into.

And they’re not much more expensive than tethered cameras with similar image quality.

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