Setup of Microsoft Exchange Client 5. In the Finish Admin Install dialog box, click Finish. Some members of the Citrix-Compatible program also include product brochures and special offers in the Citrix Solutions Provider handbook distributed in every Citrix Solutions Network CSN training class. Similar server configurations require only minor changes in the answer files. With this method, an application is installed once by an administrator and can be run by anyone who logs on to that MetaFrame server. Citrix servers in a farm function together to make applications easily available to your ICA Client users.

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Storage (Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) 1/01 Hardware Compatibility List)

The Add Standalone Snap-in dialog box appears. However, MetaFrame users do not automatically have Exchange mailboxes. For asynchronous modem connections, the MetaFrame server must have an intelligent multiport board, such as a Digi International, installed and configured.

You are asked for a traget location to install Windows From the console, log on as an administrator.

problems with DVD-ROM drive

Allow installation to complete. Web Browsers for Citrix Web Computing. Setup of Microsoft Exchange 5.

On the Routing and Remote Access dialog box, uncheck the Enable remote access control box and check the Enable server as a router control box. ICA Browser management 2940y browser administration through an intuitive user interface for better system scaling and management. If you need to grant rights to other groups or users, or fine-tune what rights the predetermined groups have, you have the ability to do so.


Applications that do not use a blinking cursor or that allow the blinking cursor to be disabled are preferred. Any serial or parallel ports associated with a DirectICA station are given unique device names and are treated as ports on the server computer.

Storage Controllers and Peripherals

Click OK and exit User Manager. Log on to the MetaFrame server as this administrative user.

Each user who will use eXceed must perform an installation from the C: The bit and bit encryption levels require a significant investment in time and money to break with a brute force attack.

Select the type of installation Typical was chosen for this test configuration. Your environment hardware, applications, user activity level, and so on dictates 290u actual needs. This type of installation is recommended only when using Microsoft Windows with Terminal Services. This chapter gives you an executive summary of MetaFrame and describes: DVDs cause a lockup requiring a power cycle.

This section describes a tested method for configuring Microsoft Exchange Server 5. If you set up MetaFrame as a domain controller, it becomes the central point for a new network domain.

PCI Hardware Supported by NetBSD

Windows is also equipped with a ahw folder called My Documents, which offers an alternative to home directories but Chapter 3 Installing Applications 35 does not replace them. K users total, 25 concurrent connections, 30 minutes K What application server s are you planning to use?


Creates a comma-delimited file that can be imported into an application such as a spreadsheet to produce custom reports or statistics. To do so, you need to go through these steps: K Do not install screen savers because they create unnecessary load. This option is essential or you will not be prompted by the SecurID authentication.

I don’t think the Savage4 has drivers, but the VBE 2.

Granting Access to Anonymous Users If you are going to configure your MetaFrame server for High security and you want to allow anonymous users access to your system, you must allow Read and Execute permissions to the following list of files for the Anonymous group.

Restart the Web Explorer. Citrix has introduced a new backup licensing feature to better manage pooled licenses across the server farm. Because most home directory mappings are done by connecting to a shared resource, even if client sessions access a local Windows drive, if a drive mapping is used for example, virtual drive is mapped with the net use commandall clients have the FID limitation.

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