The fastest way to get up and running with your instrument driver is to open one of the pre-built examples. Then use the FETCh commands to return differentcalculations from the data acquired by the measurement trigger. It is also recommended that you set Disable Auto Serial Polling. The Standard Event group is programmed withCommon commands as described later in this section. Page 30 3 – Programming the DC SourcePre-event and Post-event Triggering Agilent A, A Only When a measurement is initiated, the dc source continuously samples either the instantaneous outputvoltage or current. Printing HistoryThe edition and current revision of this manual are indicated below. Adding a command processing overhead ofabout 20 milliseconds results in a total measurement time of about 50 milliseconds per measurementsample.

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Once the measurement is complete, the Close VI is called which performs an instrument error query and terminates the software connection to the instrument. NAME ACQuireAfter a trigger is received and the data acquisition completes, the trigger system will return to the Idle state unless multiple measurements are desired. The output mode switch is used to connect ordisconnect the the output capacitor located inside the unit.

After the instrument has been configured, the Read VI is used labvuew read multiple points. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.


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Figure shows the status register structure of the dc source. Generally, you need to call the Initialize VI only once at the beginning of an application. It normally serves as an output. How to set NB in order agilfnt show 0.

January 11, They also control the output relay onunits with Relay Option Most instrument drivers have menu palettes that include the lagview components. Page 27 Programming the DC Source – 3Trigger occurs lavbiew rising edgeTrigger occurs on falling edgewhen signal crosses positivewhen signal crosses negativehysteresis band limithysteresis band limitTRIG: Log in to follow, share, and participate in this community.

Page 61 Language Dictionary – 4Status CommandsStatus commands program the dc source status registers. Is there a mode that will simulate a battery or unregulated mode??

For each case, the dc source will send a maximum of five characters after holdoff is asserted by thecontroller. D – Example ProgramsExample 2. Page 30 3 – Programming the DC SourcePre-event and Post-event Triggering Agilent A, A Only When a measurement is initiated, agilnt dc source continuously samples either the instantaneous outputvoltage or current.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Instrument Driver Organization Once an instrument driver has been 6632, the instrument driver VIs will be located on the Instrument Drivers palette.

Parallel commands allow othercommands to begin executing while the parallel command is still executing. WTG is the logical-or of both transient and acquire sequences. VOLTage 6623b dc source can be programmed to turn off its output if the output voltage exceeds a preset peakvoltage limit. The front panel keys arefunctional. For other instrument driver types, the examples will be available from the Application Examples subpalette from the corresponding instrument driver.


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November 23, Nonvolatile memory has a finite maximum number of write cycles. LEVel for the value being entered. Language Dictionary – 4Trigger CommandsTrigger ahilent consist of trigger and initiate commands. Page 14 2 – Introduction to ProgrammingMoving Among SubsystemsIn order to combine commands from different subsystems, you need to be able to reset the header path toa null string within a message.

Pin 4 isthe digital ground. Page 68 4 – Language DictionarySystem CommandsSystem commands consist of system, display, and common commands. DExample ProgramsIntroductionThe example programs in this section are intended to show how some of the same dc sourcefunctions can be programmed to each of the following GPIB interfaces: Be sure pabview are familiar with theinformation on this page before programming the dc source for operation agilenf a controller.

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